Celtics Excited to Enhance Off-Court Chemistry Inside NBA Bubble

BOSTON – Being isolated inside the bubble on the NBA Campus in Orlando presents a fair share of limitations, but it also comes with some perks, such as the enhanced opportunity for teammates to build chemistry off the court.

Coexisting basically 24/7 gives players no other choice than to spend more time together and learn from each other. The Boston Celtics are looking forward to taking full advantage of such an opportunity as they begin their prolonged stay in Orlando.

“We don’t got anything else to do besides hanging out,” Jayson Tatum said Saturday morning following his team’s second practice upon arrival to the Campus. “[We can] eat meals together, play a lot of golf – I’m trying to get some of the guys into golf. Let’s just make the most out of it.”

Less than three full days into their trip, the Celtics are already making the most out of the situation. Enes Kanter is making up for the lost time from the four-month NBA hiatus by spending as much time with his teammates as possible.

“I feel like that’s the thing that you miss the most, so I’m glad that I’m around my teammates,” Kanter said. “We are just having fun on and off the court. We’re hanging out at the hotel, we’re eating together, so it’s been a blast for sure.”

Some teams may have lost a bit of their chemistry during the hiatus, but the Celtics made it a point to stay as connected as possible. They had multiple Zoom teleconferences per week, they worked out together in a virtual capacity, and a couple of the players – Kemba Walker and Grant Williams – even lived together.

“I feel like the Celtics did an amazing job to keep building that team chemistry,” Kanter said. “And by now, we are finally around each other, not just playing basketball, but just being around them, interacting with them, having fun with them, laughing with them.”

Bonding in such a manner off the court goes a long way in creating a formidable product on the court. The more time that teammates spend together, the more trust they gain in each other and the more fun they will have when it’s time to get to work.

Such qualities also play a major role in helping to build a championship contender, which is exactly what the Celtics are looking to become. That’s why they are focusing more on the opportunities, rather than on the limitations inside the bubble.

“We’re all in this together, so let’s just make the most out of it and enjoy it,” Tatum reemphasized. “It’s something that we’re going to remember for the rest of our lives. So, like I said, just make the most out of it and think positive. Not everything is going to be perfect, but this is new to everybody, so let’s just enjoy each other’s company.”


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