Celtics, NBCSB To Extend 'Classic Celtics' Series

Extended series tips off on Sunday, May 3rd, features new thematic element each week
by Boston Celtics

Boston, MA – The Boston Celtics and NBC Sports Boston have extended the ‘Classic Celtics’ rebroadcast series, unveiling five new themes across 21 of the more iconic games throughout the franchise’s illustrious history.

The continuation of ‘Classic Celtics’ will begin on Sunday, May 3, with the Celtics victory over the Bulls in a game that marked the season opener of Chicago’s “Last Dance” campaign. It will represent the first of three games re-aired as part of the Sunday showdowns with the Bulls series. The other four thematic groupings – Best of Celtics vs. Lakers week, One-man show week, Championship week and Iconic moments week – will be televised in weekly pairings from May 4-29.

‘Classic Celtics’, which has aired 24 games since its launch on March 20, will continue to feature a collection of special guest stars providing fresh commentary and unique first-hand perspectives, including Danny Ainge, Cedric Maxwell, Kendrick Perkins, Doc Rivers and Antoine Walker.


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