Celtics To Allow Voluntary Individual Player Workouts At The Auerbach Center

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BOSTON, MA – The Boston Celtics, working in close consultation with public health authorities and infectious disease
experts, and operating within requirements and guidelines set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the City
of Boston, and the NBA, will be allowing phased limited access to the Auerbach Center at New Balance World
Headquarters, beginning with voluntary individual player workouts starting on June 1.

“We’re happy that our players will now have the option to work out individually in a safe environment at the Auerbach
Center, and we hope it signals a step back towards playing basketball again,” said Danny Ainge, Boston Celtics
President of Basketball Operations.

All workouts during this time will be conducted following strict protocols that include, but are not limited to:

  • Workouts are voluntary & will be conducted in strict accordance with city, state, CDC, and NBA requirements and
  • Symptom and temperature checks will be done by team medical staff before anyone enters the facility.
  • Workouts will be limited to individual (1-on-0) shooting, strength and conditioning work, and medical evaluation
    and therapy as needed.
  • Only essential areas will be accessed. There will be no access to locker rooms, showers, hydrotherapy, medical
    exam rooms, cafeteria, and offices.
  • Only four players will be able to work out at a time, each working with only one staff member at a time. There
    will be no more than one player per half court at a time.
  • All staff members will wear masks in the building, and any staff member working with a player must wear gloves.
    Players will wear masks except while engaging in physical activity. Players and staff will adhere to CDC and NBA
    compliant social distancing standards at all times.
  • Social distancing will be required in the building except in limited specific instances (e.g. physical therapy),
    when PPE will be used.
  • A thorough cleaning and disinfection of all spaces and equipment, including basketballs, will take place before
    and after each player uses the building.
  • Only staff members essential to these workouts will be present at the Auerbach Center. There will be no access
    for general staff, public, or media.

The safety of our players, staff, and community are, as always, of paramount importance to the Boston Celtics, and we are dedicated to taking appropriate measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.