Pregame Post-Ups: Fournier's Importance in Game 5

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Tuesday, June 1 - Game 5 - Celtics at Nets

Pregame – C's Aim To Help Fournier Find His Spots in Game 5

There are certain players who need to play well in order for the Celtics to surprise the Nets and grab another victory during tonight’s Game 5. One of them is Evan Fournier.

Fournier is coming off of a 16-point performance during Game 4 that featured a 5-for-17 shooting performance from the field. This was after he scored 17 points on a much more efficient 6-for-12 shooting effort during Game 3.

Boston not only wants him to get back to that type of efficiency, but it needs to get him back to that type of efficiency. Brad Stevens said before tip-off that in order to do so, the team must get the nine-year vet into his most comfortable positions.

“I think that for us to have success tonight, one of the things that we’ve got to do is we have to help him find spots and get him in good spots,” Stevens said. “Because he can score the ball for us, and he can also drive and make plays. He had the two good drive and dump-offs the other day, including the one in transition … He’s a big part of us, and I think we need to make sure that we find his strengths as a team as much as possible.”

As Stevens alluded to, two of Fournier’s strengths are shooting in space and playing with the ball in his hands. He and the Celtics would benefit greatly from him being the recipient of kick-outs off of Jayson Tatum’s drives. In such a scenario, Fournier could either attempt an open shot, or take the ball off the dribble to make a play either for himself or for others.

Another important aspect of Fournier’s game, unlike some of the other active Celtics for Game 5, he is a player whom Stevens can keep on the floor at all times.

“He can play against different defenses,” the coach commented. “He can play against traditional. He can play against the switching.”

Boston will need him to play – and play well – against everything the Nets throw at him tonight.

- Marc D'Amico