Pregame Post-Ups: C’s Still Determining Rotations as Preseason Closes Out

Saturday, Oct. 6 - Celtics at Cavaliers

Pregame – C’s Still Determining Rotations as Preseason Closes Out

CLEVELAND – One of the most challenging, imminent tasks that the Boston Celtics coaching staff faces heading into the 2018-19 season is determining how deep their rotation will go.

Having a team that is overflowing with talent is not a bad problem to have, but it certainly will not make rotational decisions easy, as some highly-skilled players will be forced into limited roles for the betterment of the team.

So, how will the coaches decide which players make the cut?

“Whoever adds value to winning at the highest level,” coach Brad Stevens answered Saturday evening ahead of the Celtics’ preseason finale in Cleveland.

“There’s inevitably a cutoff,” continued the coach. “If you have a really good team and they’re playing really well, then there’s usually guys that could add value to winning that don’t get the same cracks as others – it’s just part of it, and it’s an unfortunate part of it. But we’re not going to base it on what’s been done; we’re going to base it on what’s going on and happening. So, whoever’s adding value to winning will play, and hopefully we find the right groups.”

With all of that being said, Stevens also noted earlier this week that every player on the team will play an important role at some point this season. Injuries may happen, opportunities are bound to arise, and there is enough talent on the Celtics’ roster to fill any void that occurs.

At the moment, the team is mostly healthy. Gordon Hayward (back) and Kyrie Irving (ribs) have minor injuries that will sideline them for Saturday night’s game, but they are not expected to miss extended time.

Their absences for the preseason finale, however, will give other players opportunities to step up and prove themselves worthy of making it into the rotation. So, that makes this an important final test before the regular season begins.

- Taylor Snow


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