Black History Month Chat Transcript<br> With Walter McCarty and Cedric Maxwell

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Black History Month Chat Transcript With Walter McCarty and Cedric Maxwell

Join Walter for a live chat on Friday at 1 p.m. ET.
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As part of Amtrak's and the Celtics' celebration of Black History Month Celtics legend Cedric Maxwell and current fan favorite Walter McCarty will be chatting live on Friday at 1:00 p.m. EST on

Maxwell was a first round pick (12th overall) by the Boston Celtics in the 1977 NBA Draft and played over 7 seasons in Boston. He won championships in 1981 and 1984 and averaged 13.7 points per game as a member of the Celtics, including 19.0 points per game in 1978-79. In the 1981 playoffs Maxwell averaged 16.1 points per game on 58.0 percent shooting from the floor en route to the Finals MVP. His other famous playoff moment came in 1984 with the Celtics facing the Lakers in game seven of the finals. Prior to taking the court Maxwell uttered the famous phrase "just hop on my back boys, and I'll take you on in", Maxwell went on to score 24 points, grab 8 boards and dish out 8 assists, as the Celtics won their 15th NBA Championship. Maxwell currently works the Celtics radio broadcasts for WWZN.

McCarty is currently in his 7th season as a member of Celtics, and enjoying one of his best years. McCarty is averaging 7.7 points, on 38.5 percent shooting from beyond the arc and 3.1 boards in 23.1 minutes per game. McCarty has long been a fan favorite of Celtics fans with Tommy Heinsohn's famous "I Love Waltah" call during game broadcasts. McCarty has also established himself off the court in the Boston community, becoming the first member of the Celtics to win the Hometown Hero of the Month Award for his community outreach efforts during the month of July 2001.

The Celtics and Amtrak are proud to celebrate Black History Month. Check out for more information

Got a question for Walter or Cedric? Send it in now and check back on Friday at 1 p.m. for the live chat.

Jen (Brighton): Cornbread?
What is it like to see your number in the rafters night after night?

Cedric Maxwell: Man. It's almost surreal, to see my number up their with Bird, Parish, McHale it doesn't seem real.

Jim (Boston): Hey Cedric,
how did it feel to be a first round draft pick?

Cedric Maxwell: It was great. Alot of hard work went into it. I was a bit surprised, considering where I came from, I was cut from my team as a junior in high school.

John (Allston): Hey Cedric how'd you get the nickname cornbread?

Cedric Maxwell: Came from a movie called Cornbread and Earl with Jamal Wilkes, a Laker great and eventually my teammate with the Clippers. Lawrence Fishburne was a young guy in the movie too. Because me and Jamal had similar body builds, my friends saw that and started calling me that.

Earl (Boston): How do you like broadcasting?

Cedric Maxwell: I love it. It's exciting, it's challenging. And it keeps me involved in the game, but I don't take any wins or losses home with me.

Paul (Philippines): Mr. Maxwell, what were your most memorable NBA Championship experiences?

Cedric Maxwell: I would say 1984, seventh game of the Finals in the Boston Garden. It was so hot in there. I still remember it vividly. Winning that championship, that was the most memorable.

Taylor: Waltah, after hearing cedric on the radio, you ever think about broadcasting when your career ends?

Walter McCarty: I haven't thought about that yet. I'm still trying to get as many years as I can in the NBA. It's possible, of course, but right now, I'm playing.

Alessandro (Worcester): Walter - are you happy about all the "notoriety" that Tommy Heinsohn has brought you, or does it make you a little embarrassed sometimes?

Walter McCarty: I don't really think about it. It's all in good fun, and it's all good-natured. It doesn't bother me at all.

Paul (Newton): Hey guys,
Who were inspirations to you growing up? What black leaders did you look up to?

Walter McCarty: Growing up it was my Mom. She worked two jobs and raised four kids. Growing up we all loved Martin Luther King Jr. and the other pioneers who led the way.

Cedric Maxwell: I would say my parents, my Dad was a military man and my Mom was a housewife. Also, I grew up in the 60s and 70s and during the height of the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King Jr. was the one man, who I would have loved to have met, and maybe Malcolm X.

Frank (Lakeville): Who would be on you all-underatted team (besides Walter)

Walter McCarty: Give me five Walter McCartys (Laughing)

Cedric Maxwell: I'd say this year, it's Michael Redd. He has the quickest release on his shot in the game. He went from nowhere, with very few minutes to a top guy. He has really accomplished a lot.

Rachel, Ipswich: I've heard some of your songs and like your style. What is your favorite song right now?

Walter McCarty: My favorite song right now is Ruben Studdard Sorry 2004.

Ken (Boston): What are your favorite parts about living in Beantown?

Walter McCarty: I think for me, it's all the good restaurants. It's a great perk.

Cedric Maxwell: For me, it's the international flavor of the city. It's such a melting pot, with Harvard and Boston. The history and the diversity, the Boston Tea Party. It's just a great town.

Jaime (Paranaque): How does it feel working for the community, and what encourages you to do it?

Walter McCarty: I've been given a lot of opportunities in life and I think it's important to give something back. I take a lot of pride in that, and get a lot of enjoyment out of that. I think it's important and I love doing and I appreciate the fact that I can do something to help people. It's an honor.

Dan (Port Washington): Cornbread,
which championship was your favorite?

Cedric Maxwell: Hmmm. 1984. Again, beating the Lakers in seven games in Boston against Kareem and Magic and Worthy. Bringing that banner to Boston was great.

Paul (Boston): Walter, what was it like playing with two teammates and a coach from your NCAA championship team, and what was it like seeing them depart this year?

Walter McCarty: With them being here, it was really fun. It was tough seeing them leave, you lose not only great ballplayers and a great coach, but you lose good friends, too.

Shawney P.: What was going through your mind when you banked home the potential game winner against the Bucks on Wednesday? Even though it didn't count, I STILL LOVE YOU WALTA!

Walter McCarty: I just wanted to get it off in time, it was tough, because they were switching everything, which pushed me farther from the basket than we would like.

Alessandro (Worcester MA): How do you envision Brandon Hunter and Chucky Atkins helping this team as the season winds down?

Cedric Maxwell: I think both guys will help. Brandon is a good rebounder and that is something the Celtics need. Chucky will be a good facilitator, he can distribute the ball to the right people. He can also be a great teacher for Marcus Banks. He can show him how to be a floor general.

Walter (Kentucky): Walter, buddy, settle a bet: I think you're the greatest Celtic of all time, but my buddy J thinks it's Larry Bird. What do you think?

Walter McCarty: I got to go with Larry Bird (Laughing). He's got too many rings.

Walter McCarty: Thanks to everyone who chatted with us, it was lots of fun, and I'd love to do it again.

Cedric Maxwell: It's been great this season and it's amazing to see how in tune the fans are with the Celtics season on this chat. Thank you all very much.



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