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Marcus Smart

2/9 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics vs. Thunder

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 112-111 victory over Oklahoma City.

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Brad Stevens

On his thoughts on the game:

“Super hard playing, both teams. I thought they were the aggressor in the last 14 minutes of the first half. I thought it was a good game up until that point, and then we were great out of the gate in the second, and then it went back and forth. Good tough teams. Both of them played really hard. A lot of smart basketball, and then we almost gave it away in the end. Up until that point I thought we played really hard, really well.”

On Marcus Smart’s steal under 15 seconds left in the game:

“Great play, huge play obviously. We had a couple of possessions there where we were either rushed or whatever the case may be. We made some mistakes, but that was an unbelievable steal by Marcus.”

On the team’s full rotations being available for the first time in weeks:

“Well I just think the ability to stay with multiple guys on the court at once obviously is a benefit. I’m still managing some minutes here, especially with Kemba (Walker) over the next few games, and then probably even after just to be smart about it. I thought a lot of guys did a lot of good things and I thought the guys on the bench that played both in spot minutes and in large minutes did a really good job. Brad (Wanamaker) really played well again, especially in the second half.”

On the Thunder having four guys with 20+ points:

“Those guys do that about every night. I don’t know what their exact averages are, but I think they’re all 18 to 20 something. They’re good players, they’re hard to guard, they kept us on our heels. We had some issues with some of our switching early and Gallinari took advantage of it. We were better as the game went on, but those guys are good. Hats off to them, hard team to play against.”
Jayson Tatum

On what it took to win tonight’s game:

“It took a lot of grit. They’re a really good team, they’ve got a lot of great players, especially their three-guard lineup. They’re tough when they’re competing so we just had to match that intensity.”

On how often Marcus Smart makes game-changing plays:

“Every time we need it. He definitely saved us today, saved me from the three turnovers I had late in the stretch, so that was a big time play by him.”
Marcus Smart

On what was said during the team’s talk during halftime:

“Just keep playing Celtics basketball like we’ve been playing all year. Just turn it up a notch, be more aggressive, more attacking to the rim and finding the open guys. And we did that.”

On his steal and how he made it:

“Just when we switched, me and Jayson (Tatum), Shai (Gilgeous-Alexander) kind of left the ball out in front. I was close enough and I did what I do and came up with the steal. And like I said, I just felt like I needed to make a play and it was right there for me to make it, so I just made the decision to go for it.”
Billy Donovan

Opening Statement:

“I thought a few things. One is I thought our guys really, really competed and played. I thought just some differences in the game. You know, they made 16 threes I think, some of those timely hurt us. I think the other thing too is besides that, we shot a good percentage from three which was good, but I thought we had a lot of opportunities around the basket that we kind of came up empty. We weren’t able to finish well enough in some crucial situations, and then I think the other things was we obviously, I think in the first half played a really good solid 24 minutes. I thought to start the third, they kind of regained some momentum, and they kind of got control [and] got right back in the game very quickly. And we kind of got through that third quarter and played better, but I thought that third quarter really allowed them to certainly get some control of the game.”

On how the Thunder guards and wings defended Boston’s wings:

“I thought our guys battled. I thought they fought. Listen, I think between [Gordon] Hayward, [Jaylen] Brown, and [Jayson] Tatum, they have got long, athletic guys that can obviously put it down on the floor. They can shoot it. They can drive it. They get to the free-throw line, but I thought our guys battled. You know, I thought at times our guards, especially with Gallo [Danilo Gallinari], there was times we got caught in some switches [and] we did not need to get caught up in switches where I think we could’ve done a better job of getting over the top and fighting to get through and keep our matchup. And I thought at times, we gave into that a little bit too easy and certainly put Gallo out there. You know obviously, he [Tatum] made some shots shooting over him. It’s a tough situation to trap in that place of the floor because obviously the guy setting the screen is another offensive player as well, so I think we could’ve done a better job of helping Gallo there a little bit more.”
Danilo Gallinari

On the Celtics’ plus-13 rebounding margin:

“We didn’t do a good job with that. We have to do a better job every night in order to win games, especially against a very good offensive rebounding team.”

On shots not falling tonight:

“Yeah, but we can't rely on that. We have to rely on our defense, and then, even when we don’t have great offensive nights, we can still be able to win games.”
Dennis Schroder

On the way they competed tonight:

“We competed very well. I think defensively we played all together offensively as well, missed a couple of layups, turned the ball over, and it started with me, Chris, Shai, Steve-O, everybody, can’t blame on no one but I mean we were still right there. We lost by one point and I mean it feels bad but it’s still good to see that we just lost by one point.”

On trying to limit Jayson Tatum in the second half:

“I mean it’s the NBA, sometimes I got zero out of six and then the second half I turn it on. The NBA has a lot of good players and he’s one of them, he’s an All-Star, he deserves it, and we didn’t contain him very well but like I said we’re going to look at film and then we’re going to get better at it.”

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