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Jayson Tatum

2/5 Arbella Quote Worthy: Magic vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 116-100 victory over Orlando.

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RE: Jaylen Brown injury update:

“We just – we just watched it. It didn’t look bad. It just looked like he stepped wrong, and just tweaked it. So, didn’t look like (Daniel) Theis’ the other day or anything like that. So hopefully, these guys – put in a bucket of ice, like most of those guys do after every game anyways, so hopefully we’ll get him back sooner rather than later; I don’t know if it’s – what it’s going to be.”

RE: Significance of having Romeo Langford and Grant Williams closing out the game:

“Those guys both played their role well. We went up to Romeo this morning and said it’s highly likely that Marcus (Smart) and Kemba (Walker) aren’t playing, and if they don’t, you’ll start on (Evan) Fournier, and that’s really hard. But that’s your only task. So, focus on it, do as well as you can, and then space the floor, and just play off the other guys. Let those three guys make the game easier for you. And he did a good job of that tonight. I thought Grant – Grant’s been really good throughout this whole stretch at doing that; he’s figuring out where his spots are, you know, playing off the others.”

RE: Thought process behind unconventional line-ups (including Javonte Green and Romeo Langford) in both games against Orlando:

“In Orlando we had Jaylen (Brown) and Jayson (Tatum) out; here we had Kemba and Marcus out. So that’s where the thought process starts. Right? So, we don’t have everyone. And then it’s just like, okay – I’ve always thought that if you can go in with a one assignment, it’s a little bit clearer. It’s clearer picture than having to be – this is where you have a discussion with Romeo tomorrow, like here’s how hard the league is. You’ve got to be able to do that, and do what Gordon (Hayward), Jaylen, and Jayson did tonight. That’s what the really good players do, and they do it every night. They guard, just as hard as you guard in the end, they’re able to play off pick-and-rolls and make the right play and get all the attention and have the best defenders guarding and all that stuff over and over. That’s why – that’s what all the young guys will ultimately aspire to, to be one of those guys. But it’s hard. And so, I thought he did a really good job tonight. And you feel good putting a lot of different guys in, and I feel like we could do that with a lot of guys.”

RE: Do you need to have patience defensively when a group of younger players are in the game?

“Yeah. Patience doesn’t – patience isn’t one of my best qualities. So, I would say no. I don’t have any patience with anybody making mistakes, and I think our players are good at, like, accepting that, and making sure they don’t do it again, but these guys have been around enough. They may see an action for the first time, but by now, 50 games in, you’ve seen most everything. And so you know what your role is, know what your job is, just do it.”

RE: Being effective on offense tonight:

“A lot of it is still trying to attack and how they are guarding you. They did a really good job of scrambling around there, and when someone gets beat on their team they are all there to help. Then you kick it out and feel like you might have a shot and somebody is running at you. Some of it was just how they were guarding and trying to balance that.”

RE: Romeo’s (Langford) first start:

“I think he is going to be a really good player in this league. He came out and was a little passive; I told him that there in the second half, and he made some good drives and finished strong. For him to be as young as he is, I think he is ahead of the curve; there is no doubt about that. I think he is going to be a really good player. It was good to see him get a chance to start and I thought he did well.”

RE: How much more responsibility did you feel to carry the load tonight with other guys being out?

“Unfortunately, we have been in this position quite a bit this season, and naturally when guys are out everybody just has to step up and do more on both ends of the floor.”

RE: The team’s effort without a full roster:

“We never want to make excuses. Once we go out there, whoever we got we just have to make it work. That is what we try to do most of the time.”

RE: Romeo Langford’s performance tonight:

“I know he probably was a little nervous, but he played well out there. Coming in, he played hard he gave us some energy and got some stops on defense. That is all we can ask, and especially because it is his first start. He just followed the game plan, and playing with effort is all we can ask for. He did a great job tonight.”

RE: What was the key for Boston in the second half?

“Shot making. Obviously (Jayson) Tatum was phenomenal. We had our chances there, that last four and a half minutes. We had two big turnovers with guys wide-open under the basket; just ball-handling type plays. We had an open foul line jumper, we had a wide-open three. And obviously late in the fourth Tatum was phenomenal."

RE: What was your rationale for not playing Mo Bamba in the second half?

“The game was quick, physical, and he really struggled to keep up in the first half. Just give our team the best chance to win.”

RE: On the final score’s relation to their defense:

“It’s a misleading final score; that game was well within where we needed it to be. We’ve got to make some plays, and to be honest I actually thought it was one of the better games that we played well. If you had to look at one thing, which obviously when you play them is a problem, is we can’t have 17 turnovers. That would be the biggest thing I’d point to, and then the rebounding game. Those are the two things I talked to the guys about after the game. We can’t have 17 turnovers, and we’ve got to start rebounding again. Last year we were, most nights, the first to hit; we weren’t tonight and it cost us.”

RE: Jayson Tatum:

“I mean, he’s a good player. He’s an all-star for a reason. Kemba (Walker) was out, and he stepped up. Good player.”

RE: You played well offensively, would more stops have changed the game’s outcome?

“It’s less about the stops; it’s more about the turnovers. We turned the ball over way too much. Personally I think I had three in the fourth, and that’s a recipe for a loss. I take that on myself. Just the turnovers in that fourth quarter. Killer.”

RE: Aaron Gordon’s overall performance:

“I didn’t shoot the ball well enough for us to win. I turned the ball over; those are two key things I’m beating myself up over. I thought as a team we played well enough to play, but I don’t think I played well enough.”

RE: Orlando Magic’s overall performance:

“That was frustrating. We made way too many mistakes to win on the road against a very good team. I thought they made more effortful plays. We played hard, we battled, but they had a lot of offensive rebounds. I thought the rookie (Grant) Williams played really well for them, just being physical and just doing the dirty work. And Tatum kicked our ass, so that was pretty much the game.”

RE: Do you think you played well enough offensively?

“We played better, we played better. But it’s not just about stops; if you get those rebounds you win, if you eliminate the turnovers you win. I mean we played good, but those mistakes; they just can’t happen.”

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