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11/20 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics vs. Clippers

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 107-104 defeat to LA.

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RE: The final five minutes:

“They made a lot of good plays. A few more than us. It was a really good game. A high-level game. Both teams really competed, even when shots weren’t going down for both sides. We were both turning it over a little bit at the end of the first half but still very competitive and the defense on both ends was really outstanding.”

RE: Thoughts on the game:

“We wanted to win. I’m disappointed we didn’t win, but hats off to them. They made enough plays. There’s going to be a lot of good clips from this. It’ll be some mistakes that we made, but I thought our guys really fought. I thought they really competed at a high level.”

RE: Final play of overtime:

“[Kemba Walker] just popped to the corner, which was a really good read. He usually cuts up the seam there. He lost a normal person on that cut. He got enough separation to get it off against most of the league. The problem is, that guy [Kawhi Leonard] is not normal and he’s not most of the league and he made a great play to block it. But there were a lot of opportunities that we had that we missed and so, that was just a heck of a play on their part. It’s hard to get a clean look against their length and switching at that time of the game."

RE: End of the game defense:

“We eased up. Even in regulation we eased up. We had a 10-point lead and they got a couple easy buckets. They got a couple easy buckets and we had a couple costly silly turnovers and bad shots, and they made us pay. And in overtime, they did the same thing. They did a really good job at executing down the stretch. And we shot the ball very poorly tonight. It was one of those nights for us. But we fought, so we just got to put this behind us and move onto the next one."

RE: Early season test:

“It was great for us. We believe, truly, that we can compete with anybody in this league. But it’s going to take every possession. We can’t take it for granted. We got to take every possession like it’s our last possession and we got to really protect the ball and things like that. We really need to come up with shots that we want and execute the way that we want. We let them get us out of our stuff and we got to credit those guys. They’re really good, and we just got to be a little bit better."

RE: Level of competition:

“It was a great game. Both teams played hard. [Both teams] played well, hit some big shots. A lot of good players out there, so everybody’s competing, and it’s just fun basketball."

RE: Thoughts of 90 total three-point shot attempts:

“Sometimes, that’s just the flow of the game. That’s kind of the way the game is transitioning. That’s just sometimes how it goes.”

RE: Enjoying playing against Kawhi Leonard and Paul George:

“Yeah. Especially if it’s somebody like me. I’ve always looked up to Kawhi [Leonard] and [Paul George]. Especially [George]. He’s one of my favorite players. That’s the opportunity to look for. Especially bright lights, big stage. You don’t want to back down. You know you want to compete and show them that you belong out here. Earn their respect, and I love competing against those guys. Learning from them.”

RE: Thoughts on the game:

“It was definitely a rough shooting night for me. Just thinking about the game, not even getting a chance to see it, I just thought I made a lot of bad decisions tonight. But I just got to be better. End of the day, better for my teammates. But we played hard, we did everything we can do to still stay in the game and try and win the game. But as an individual, I definitely would have loved to be better for my teammates.”

RE: Takeaways from the game:

“I don’t know. I think we just have to get a chance to watch it. When I look down the stretch, maybe some shots we could have avoided. We probably could have gotten some better shots as a team. But, you know, we stuck with it. It was really tough for a lot of us shooting the ball tonight. They came out with a big win. It was a good battle. But we got to put this one behind us and move onto the next.”

RE: Big team shots down the stretch:

“Those guys are tough. It still surprises me. These guys work hard. They play hard and want to win. [Jayson Tatum] made some huge shots and some big plays. That’s what he is. That’s what he is for us. We trust him. We want him to develop into that leadership role. It’s about that time he takes that step, and he’s been showing it. He’s been hitting big shot after big shot for us. [Marcus] Smart is a leader as well. He’s a tough dude. We just got to keep going.”

RE: Patrick Beverley’s performance tonight:

“We gave him a game ball. I didn’t know we were giving game balls, but we gave him a game ball because he deserved it. I thought he literally, single-handedly willed that game with his effort, with his rebounding and making plays. He is from Chicago. He’s a tough kid. He was phenomenal.”

RE: On Kawhi Leonard and Paul George playing together:

“We won but we need a lot of work. You can see that. In transition, I just thought that we were so sloppy. Part of it is we were trying to get the ball to guys instead of trying to score. There were times when we had direct line drives and instead we were looking across courts. I can’t wait to watch it to see.”

RE: On playing good teams in the Eastern Conference:

“I have to look forward. We have the Houston [Rockets] coming up and like I said earlier in the year, we are just trying to figure out a way of winning games and then we want to become a good team. Right now we are winning game, but we have not become a good team yet. We have a lot of work. We are clearly a work in progress. Our guys know that, and they understand that.”

RE: Playing with Patrick Beverley:

“From past experiences playing against him, he is just a real aggressive player on the defensive end. On the floor, he is trying to talk, make you get technical fouls, just trying to get in your head pretty much throughout the game and play good defense. Now, just being on the team with him, you see the background, what he does day in and day out, you get to know him a little bit better. [You get to] know his mindset, how he feels coming into games and the challenges he has for himself.”

RE: On if this is what he envisioned when he joined the Clippers:

“Not necessarily. It is a basketball game. What it sort of came down to tonight was grinding it out and thinking about the next possession. Coming here, and I said it before, it felt like everybody bought into a plan, [Doc Rivers] was a good coach, they had a good front office and I didn’t know what to expect in the games. I wanted to win and we did that tonight. I guess that that’s, a little bit of me envisioning that.”

RE: On the Clippers’ offense:

“We are still learning. We are still learning [about] each other. I was out for a week due to a knee contusion and it is just going to be reps. We just have to play. We just have to keep playing pretty much. We have a lot to improve at and I definitely don’t think we are going to be this type of offensive team like we were tonight or were in the past. It is just practice and playing these games.”

RE: First time playing on the court with Kawhi Leonard:

“I thought it was good. I thought defensively [it] came naturally, [it] came easily. And then offensively, I thought we were great. I thought we are still trying to get in sync with everybody else. The great thing about myself and Kawhi [Leonard], it doesn’t matter, we are going to play basketball. We are going to try to make the right plays, play off one another, and keep the game going. So I thought in that aspect, we were good.”

RE: Relationship with Coach Doc Rivers:

“Doc is just phenomenal. From play calling, to kind of just being a father figure. That type of relationship where he brings outside stuff that’s going on to us, and kind of elaborates on what’s going on around the world. I think just the relationship with him, allowing us to be ourselves, allowing us to bring what we bring to the game without losing what the big goal is. It’s what you want out of a coach. He just wants everything to tie in together.”

RE: On Patrick Beverley’s Game:

“You saw 16 rebounds. He probably hit three, big three’s in a row. That’s [Patrick Beverley]. [Patrick Beverley] is a winner, he makes winner plays. You saw every version of that tonight.”

RE: Pulling off the win:

“Defense. That was actually our first time playing together today. As of lately, during this season, during this early season, we have been getting a lot of wins off of our defense. That’s the hardest part in the offense. Today was definitely a defensive game, we like to hold our head up.”

RE: Kawhi Leonard and Paul George first time on court together:

“Oh man, I mean I remember coming off one pick and roll, I was so open I didn’t know what to do. [Paul George and Kawhi Leonard] get so much attention man, it’s crazy, it’s fun. Tonight was really fun. Regardless of the outcome of the game, both teams got it, both teams didn’t give in. Tonight was really fun, really fun.”

RE: Match up with Kemba Walker:

“We understand that he’s an all-star for a reason, we just wanted to provide him with different bodies, lay off the traps, send him to [Ivica Zubac]. I think [Kawhi Leonard] had a block on him. He’s a great player, not one person can stop a player like that as a team, we did it collectively tonight.”

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