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11/18 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics vs. Suns

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 99-85 victory over Phoenix.

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RE: On the 2nd quarter run:

“Grant’s two blocks were huge because we were dead on those plays and he covered us. We were doing a pretty good job the whole night about guarding Booker the way we wanted to and being active, but it put us in some scrambles and put us in some rotations. Grant covered for us and we made some shots and feel pretty good about ourselves headed into the locker room, but I thought the end of the second and the middle of the third were our best periods, but we still have a lot to clean up. I thought that our offense got sloppy at times, but defensively, we were pretty locked in to what we were trying to accomplish.”

RE: On West Coast Swing:

“The challenge of a bunch of games, a bunch of different time zones, bouncing all over the place. This one is the first I can remember where it feels pretty quick. We’re on the road for 8 or 9 days but we have five games. But these first three have been really tough and we play two great teams to end it, so…”

RE: On the 20-4 run in 2Q:

“I think defensively we just stepped up. We were able to make some plays, just scrambling around and being in the right spots and it just translated into offense. It’s a great win. You know, you’re not going to win every game but when you have opportunities to bounce back and learn from mistakes and then you actually come out and do it, it just feels good. It lets you know about your team and the guys you’re playing with. We have a special group and for us to not kind of hang our heads on that loss yesterday and just come out tonight and play against a really good team here at home and to come out with a win, that’s was big time.”

RE: On defense:

“Everybody’s got to be aware. We’re just trying to make it tough on him. (Booker) He’s had some great games since I’ve been here and he’s a great player so we just try to make it as tough as we can. We try to see how we responded from a tough loss yesterday and we responded pretty well.”

RE: On 20-4 run:

“We were playing good. Grant Williams really came in and gave us a spark off the bench. Just the stuff he does that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet that really helps our team, he gives us energy and life.”

RE: Opening Statement:

“…Ricky not playing hurt us, but we did not play our kind of basketball tonight. You got to make shots to get an assist, I said that before the game, but the ball movement was not there. We only had 22 (assists) for the game and that’s not us. We haven’t had 20 point quarters all year, we had two tonight. It’s a great learning experience for us. We have an identity and one of those components is sharing the ball, and when we move the ball and have player movement, we’re pretty good.”

RE: On what difference he sees in the Celtics with Kemba:

“They’re a good basketball team. They can beat you off the dribble, you just saw it. They read defenses well, they execute out of timeouts. They’re a really good team.”

RE: On whether he felt the lack of ball movement can be attributed to the Celtics defense, and if there’s something they can do to attack that differently:

“You can start by running your offense the way you’re supposed to. That’s number one, and two, and three. There you go.”

RE: On whether this game showed the team that Ricky can’t be a lifeline for them:

“I mean he is a leader on our team, there is no doubt. We’ve proven there’s a style of play that works for us. It may not mean you’re going to win the game, but it gives you a shot. And I’ll go all the way back to Portland in the preseason. We played without Ricky, Devin, and Deandre, and the ball moved, everybody touched the ball, we played the right way. Tonight it wasn’t as consistent as we have had it. I expected some of a letdown because of the three days off. I thought we’d get out of it after the first quarter, maybe the second. We just couldn’t get out of it. The stat sheet is a testament.”

RE: On the Suns’ performance:

“Credit to (Boston), they’re playing well, but I’m not sure if it was them or if it was just us. We just have to be better at sticking to what we do. We didn’t look like ourselves tonight. The best thing about this league is we have another one tomorrow to come out and do it the right way this time, so that’s what we’ll be focused on.”

RE: On what he hopes the team will do differently tomorrow at Sacramento:

“Compete. (Boston) out-competed us. In the first half I think they got 90 percent of every 50-50 ball, they set the tone, so credit to them. They came out and they were more physical than us. It was one of those things where we had a good few days of preparation but we didn’t bring it tonight, so it’s about coming out the right way tomorrow and getting back to who we are and playing Monty (William)’s style.”

RE: On what is different about Boston’s team this year from last year:

“They’ve got a lot more experience again. It’s kind of those young guys – everyone calls them young, they’re not young anymore. They’ve had a lot of experience. They’ve gone on long runs in the playoffs. They played together over the summertime, four of their starters all played together for a lot of games (in the FIBA World Cup) and they’ve been able to continue that into the season. So they have that understanding of what each other is able to do, and then they’ve got some other good players around them as well. So credit to what they’re doing over there.”

RE: On what went wrong for the Suns in the game:

“I think we were off for a few days, we didn’t have any games, maybe our rhythm was a little bit off in the beginning of the game. But it still kind of was all game. We had the chance in the last quarter. But that’s basketball. I think (Boston) played great defense especially. Our offense was not at the right point. But we are lucky, we have our next game tomorrow and (we’ll) try to fix these things tomorrow.”

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