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11/9 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics vs. Spurs

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 135-115 victory over San Antonio.

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RE: On defending LaMarcus Aldridge:

“I don’t want to act like we had the answer, I thought our guys played really hard. That doesn’t guarantee you can stop him from scoring still. He’s a great player, and great scorer. I thought both Rob [Robert Williams] and [Daniel] Theis really worked hard to guard him, and then we did double him some when he got it low with some guys. It’s just one of those nights for him and at the same time I thought our guys played hard, and that’s all you can do.”

RE: On how difficult it is to win in San Antonio:

“Not many people do. You have to play the next possession to win the next possession, it’s hard. Our guys played great and they played really hard together. I don’t think we were great defensively, or as good as we need to be. We were really good offensively, obviously making shots helps. We moved in and played together, we just have to bottle that up and keep doing that when things aren’t going well. That’s the challenge.”

RE: On having successful road trips:

"Still trying to improve. It feels like the quick turnaround against Dallas is going to be really tough, they’re really good. Then two home games, and you’re right back on the road. This doesn’t stop. You start thinking about how good you are, and you just get pounded, we just got to keep getting better. We know were capable of playing good basketball so that’s a good thing."

RE: On Tony Parker’s retirement ceremony:

“I’m glad it wasn’t tonight. I would have loved to have been there, but I feel for the team that has to be there for one of the retirement ceremonies for one of these guys. I think of one of the best pick-and-roll players of this era, when the game turned to pick-and-roll. A guy that defined the game in a lot of ways. He was a bear to guard, I know that.”

RE: On his health:

"I actually had a hernia surgery a few years ago, so I was a little nervous about that, but everything checked out. I’m fine.”

RE: On Gordon Hayward’s injury:

“Man, it was tough to hear that. Gordon was playing some of the best basketball of his career and we love seeing Gordon playing this year, the way he’s been playing this year. We just all feel for him because he worked so hard to come back from one injury, to get back to doing the things that he’s been doing, and now this happens. Our hearts go out to him. Other than that, we have to play for him until he gets back and hold it down for him.”

RE: On Jaylen Brown’s performance tonight:

“His ability to just really stay calm and poised out there on the court, you know he’s grown as basketball player a lot. A lot of times, we used to see Jaylen go in there out of control. He is very under control. He understands what he’s doing and everything he is doing is for a reason. We are happy and we’re excited for Jaylen and we are proud of his process that he is going through right now. He is going to be a big key for us going down [the stretch].”

RE: On his confidence on the court:

“I feel confident. I feel like a great thing we’re doing this year is instilling confidence in each other.”

RE: On his game plan:

“I feel like I just have to be a great defensive presence, be more vocal on that end of the court and take pride on that end.”

RE: On being more patient on his blocked shots:

“I kind of realized I want to stay home, recognize the matchups, know a players’ tendencies.”

RE: On his dunks tonight:

“It’s just part of the game. I feel like it brings my team great energy.”

RE: On getting the win:

“Stick to the game plan. We always have to stick to the game plan, everyone. We try not to let anyone back away from it because that’s when we fail.”

RE: On going back to Boston to play:

“We have a lot of games left, it’s a great road win but we have a lot of games left.”

RE: On the Celtics scoring in the paint:

“They just did it. They were great, they were aggressive.”

RE: On needing more from LaMarcus Aldridge on down nights:

“You need more from everybody on nights like this. Boston is a talented group. Brad [Stevens] does a great job with them. They’ve been together for a little bit now; they’re playing with aggressiveness and unselfishness that’s top order. You have to bring you’re A-game. I thought that we got intimidated to start and didn’t play aggressively. They hit some shots, but I thought we were really soft defensively and it took its’ toll, because they came out aggressive and physical. We were better in the start of the second half, but too inconsistent and they played great. They deserved to win, obviously.”

RE: On how the Spurs played tonight:

“What surprises me is that we were so unaggressive and so unphysical against a team, I mean I was excited as hell, my team didn’t seem to be as excited. I thought it would be a great night just to go compete against a talented team like that, that’s going to be contending in the East, but we really didn’t look like that.”

RE: On Tony Parker’s retirement:

“I didn’t get a chance to play with him. Being a fan of basketball and to see his time here was special. Winning championships, being the point guard that he is, it’s always gratifying when a player of his magnitude gets his jersey retired.”

RE: On tonight’s performance:

“We have to be more conscious coming out the gate of understanding them. As athletic as Boston is, they’re going to come out and play to their strengths. They move the ball extremely well, they play well together and we caught on to that a little bit too late.”

RE: On describing the team’s performance in the last month:

“We’re still learning, still learning. There’s still a lot we can continue to get better at. We’re only eight or nine games in, there’s so much more basketball to play. There’s so much we can build from the mistakes we have made thus far and we understand that.”

RE: On what happened tonight:

“From the start to the finish it was pretty much too easy for them. We have to learn from it and try to build off of it. They’re talented for sure, we made it way too easy.”

RE: On Boston’s team USA players:

“I think all four of them did pretty good today. That’s what it took, they played well. It was nice to get to know them off the court. They did what they did and we have to make it tougher for them next time.”

RE: On what they can do as a team to get LaMarcus Aldridge more involved:

“We have to do a better job of finding him. Obviously that’s not enough. They did a pretty good job doubling him on the post. We have to find a better way to find him, to get him the ball, get him his looks.”

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