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Kyrie Irving

3/29 Arbella Quote Worthy: Pacers vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 114-112 victory over Indiana.

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RE: Thoughts about the last sequence:

“You want as little time left as possible, after you attempt to score. You want to give yourself time for a tip-in, you want to give yourself – but you don’t want very much more time. So, we elected to use the length of the floor instead of the half court. Sometimes in the half court against really physical teams like this it’s hard to even get the ball in bounds, especially if they know you’re going to hold it for eight seconds. So, you know, we wanted to use the whole court. It was supposed to go to Kyrie (Irving) off the in-bound; they doubled him. So Al (Horford) got the in-bound and took it the length of the floor, which is fine, and then he found Kyrie when we just wanted to give him space on that side of the floor, and, you know, let him be him – and he made a great play.”

RE: How much does this kind of win help, moving forward?

“I don’t know. We’ll find out. But I thought we played harder, with more purpose than we have. I thought we played – I thought a lot of the carry-over from those small-group workouts with the techniques were good, on the -- on our defensive end of the floor. But the end of the day if we’re going to beat these guys any more than just a regular season game at home, you better get them off the glass and you better get those loose balls that we didn’t get late. And that’s why they’re who they are. I think they’re really good.”

RE: Match-up tonight from a physicality standpoint:

“Well I think they’re the litmus test for that. So, I think they play as hard and physical as anybody; right when we were small, they decided – they went right to the post. They didn’t waste time, they didn’t waste possessions. We tried to buy a few minutes there without double bigs and it was hard. So, at the end of the day, they put us in a lot of tough spots. Give them a lot of credit. And they were not to be deterred, in going to the glass.”

RE: Aron Baynes’ strong play offensively and defensively:

“He had to. You know, we needed him to. And again, we just haven’t had him and Al healthy for very much of the year, so it’s been hard to play them together. Plus, with all of our depth on the wing it’s hard to find minutes for everybody when those guys are playing together. But, it’s nice to have them back, it’s nice to have them available, and we need to have that as an option moving forward.”

RE: Last play:

“I saw that they were going to try to deny me with Cory (Joseph) and Wesley (Matthews) so I told Al (Horford) just take off, get it up the court, buy us some time. I saw Myles Turner about to commit to the double team and then I kind of just gave a pass, fake with my eyes and went to the rim.”

RE: Does playing a team that is in the playoffs matter?

“It was definitely a great pre-fill out game, if you want to call it for the Playoffs. Home court advantage was at stake and we see them again one more time. We’ll see how that goes and just keep on getting better for the rest of the regular season.”

RE: Toughness:

“We just had to be resilient. They do a great job of mucking up the game, being in the paint. Myles (Turner) does a great job of coming over and contesting a lot of shots but (Aron) Baynes was in the middle of the paint tonight so it was hard for him to come over and commit to a few of our lay-ups. Which enabled me to get a few easy ones where he sealed Myles. He did a great job tonight and just playing with that pace and playing with that physicality to match theirs.”

RE: Progress in the next few weeks

“It’s important. It was a really good win for us, especially here at home. It feels good.”

RE: Last play:

“It was great; it was one of those things where I kind of had to make a decision. I still felt like if I gave him the ball, he was going to have a lot of room to operate and he had the option to throw it back to me or go attack. He kept the defense on their toes. He still faked like he was going to pass it to the corner then laid it up at the very end. Just a very crafty play.”

RE: Going full court on last play:

“They did a good job on the possession before defending. Then getting their hands and getting a steal there towards the end. Coach, I guess he was trying to probably spread the floor a little more and giving Kyrie (Irving) space to work.”

RE: Your team tonight when coming back from a deficit :

“We finally put together a second half and we kept ourselves in the game and gave ourselves a chance to win. We did not get breaks tonight and you have to make those breaks, two good looks at it. Thad (Thaddeus Young) missed a layup, and D.C. (Darren Collison) misses an open pull-up jump shot that puts us ahead, and then we don’t get that stop. That kind of basketball Gods weren’t with us tonight. Smart (Marcus Smart) throws in a half-court hail Mary and you just got to make those breaks, you got to make plays down the stretch, get stops, and make baskets.”

RE: Your team’s effort:

“Yeah, I’m pleased with our guys’ effort. We didn’t get off to a good start, but we kept fighting. This month of March, the second half has been bad for us and tonight’s second half was better. We gave ourselves a chance, we came in played and played our hearts out. But, we got to really put this behind us and get ourselves ready for Orlando tomorrow night.”

RE: Were you encouraged with the fight you had for 48 minutes?

“Yeah, I mean just a couple baskets away. I missed a key layup in the game, and I take full responsibility, but you know it is tough loss to take at this point in the season. We take care of business we went out were in the four spot we just got to make sure that we take care of business and keep that fight we had in this game and that we impose our will on the game from start to finish.”

RE: You kept your head up after some tough plays:

“Yeah, I mean I’m a particular fighter no matter what. But, at the end of the day you have to make those shots towards the end of the game those are crucial points that we definitely need and it could have potentially sent the game into overtime with Kyrie (Irving) making the layup at the end. So, definitely got to make those like I said. I take my hat off on being there for my teammates. It is an unfortunate situation that I missed a shot but got to try and move past it, but definitely I should have made it.”

RE: Looking forward to the Playoffs and having homecourt advantage:

“It depends on who you talk to. Me, personally I think it is always important to make sure that you are playing great regardless if you have homecourt advantage or not. If you are not playing great and have homecourt advantage it doesn’t mean nothing. So, when you are playing against a team like Boston, Philly, Toronto, Milwaukee these are teams that are capable of winning games on the road, but you have to make sure you as a team are playing well enough into the playoffs you have a little bit of momentum.”

RE: What did you see on that last possession defensively?

“Kyrie (Irving) just made a good move great hesitation, he made a good move.”

RE: Did it feel like a playoff atmosphere?

“Yeah of course, of course this is expected both teams are trying to play for something. So, it is expected that the atmosphere was like this nothing less.”

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