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3/14 Arbella Quote Worthy: Kings vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 126-120 victory over Sacramento.

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RE: Third quarter run and momentum swinging the Celtics’ way:

“Well I mean, what was it, it was, like 9-2 to start the third quarter and then 0-16 or whatever, and then we went on a run after that. You know, their run, I thought, was really impressive, and we had to answer. And I thought after the six-minute mark of that quarter we were – we were really dialed in. They forced us to play big some; I thought our double bigs played well together and I thought, you know, obviously, the lift that Jaylen (Brown) gave us scoring the ball off the bench and we got a lot of good performances in those last sixteen minutes. I thought (Marcus) Morris kind of kept us afloat there for a while, at the end – end of the first half, start of the third quarter. Made some plays at the end of the third quarter; made some plays at the end of the game. I thought he dug deep, because I thought he looked – he looked like he was a little bit tired in those first six minutes of the game coming off the trip. So that’s really encouraging when you’ve got a guy who’s just going to dig, dig deep and figure it out for you.”

RE: How the Celtics fared in transition defense:

“Not so hot. Yeah, we need to get better than that. They – in the first half, we were really bad but I thought that some of our missing shots and turnovers add to that. But, this team really puts you on your heels. I mean, (De’Aaron) Fox is – he’s a load to guard in transition and everybody else follows suit. And then with their shooters, how they space the floor, makes it very tough.”

RE: Scoring 126 points, despite only making nine threes:

“We were attacking the basket well. I mean, we made some midrange there late, but not many. I thought our basket attacks were good for the most part, most of the game, and we needed it. Again, I think that’s – that’s what Jaylen and Gordon (Hayward) both coming off the bench can get to the line and do physical attacks to the basket. But you know, Jaylen did that in the first half at a high, high level and then, you know, saw the ball go through the net at the rim and then made all those threes in the second.”

RE: Energy Jaylen Brown provides off the bench:

“Well I think it’s – it’s – he’s done a good job of embracing that. He’s done a good job of not letting that affect his aggressiveness or his game. And the other thing is, is when we bring him in and play him and take (Marcus) Smart out, he’s – he can guard the guy Smart’s been guarding. And if we leave Smart in, we can move Smart to a – you know, to a ball handler and pressure a little bit more like we did there in the fourth quarter. So those are – those are good pairings and Jaylen’s aggressiveness off the bench has been good all, you know, ever since he’s gotten used to it.”

RE: Are you more encouraged by the win or discouraged by how the defense?

“So, I would have to go back and really look at it; I was more discouraged after the Clippers game than I was after I watched the film. I thought they – they were lights-out and we were not great, but we weren’t as bad as I thought we were. So, I’d have to go back and watch. But my encouragement comes from just kind of gutting it out and finding a way down 17, staying together. Had every excuse to not play well tonight and just – that’s more of what we have been fortunate enough to be used to.”

RE: What happened in the second half that didn’t happen in the first?

“That’s a straight forward question. I don’t know, nobody was making shots in the third quarter, Buddy Hield got hot. But we responded like a good team is supposed to.”

RE: What did you guys do tonight to help you guys come out on top?

“When we got down 17 in the third, we continued to fight back, continued to play hard. We finished the game off strong. Obviously, you want to hold a team under 120 points but they play fast and they did transition. They play in transition; they’re the number one team in the league so they’re going to score. As long we come out with a win, that’s all that matters.”

RE: How important is that win?

“Very important. You want to have some consistency going into the Playoffs. Playoffs start in about a month from today so we just want to have some consistency and be playing really well going in.”

RE: How would you characterize the difference in energy from the first and the second half?

“I mean, we just made a few more shots in the second half and were more resilient. Gravitating towards the people we need to be worried about. Obviously, Buddy (Hield) getting it going in the first half really put an imprint on the game. We just had to knock off their rhythm. They were pretty comfortable but I felt like we were in pretty good shape going into halftime. Down by six so you know, I’m happy. I was satisfied coming into halftime. As long as we were down by six, keep it close. The second half, you know it’s up for grabs. I feel like we have the talent in this locker room to go and get it, and we did.”

RE: How important is grinding out wins like tonight?

“The hardest game is the first game coming back from a road trip. It’s always going to be a dogfight no matter who you are playing against. Obviously, when you have a team fighting for playoff position it is going to be that type of intensity and you have to be ready for it. They were up 17 but we used our experience, used a lot of things we’re great at. Just attitude, toughness, things we can control, effort and got back into the game.”

RE: Your takeaways from the game:

“That was a good basketball game one of the best first quarters that we have played, and I felt like that is where the game was in the first half. I think we went in with a six point lead I thought we had a great opportunity to be up fourteen, fifteen points and if you do that maybe on the road you are able to withstand more of the run they gave us in the third quarter. We missed eight free throws in the first half, we gave them two points on technicals and we just made a lot of young guy mistakes tonight.”

RE: At what point do you think the game got away?

“In the third quarter there. Jaylen (Brown) hit three 3’s and they started running downhill at us they came out early hit us we pushed it back up we hit two 3’s to push it back up eight, and maybe got a little fatigued towards the end of the quarter. They made shots they are at home and got the momentum.”

RE: Where do you think the Celtics got away?

“I mean they went on a run in the third quarter. I think they went on a 14-0 run and they kind of just had a lot of momentum going in the fourth quarter.”

RE: What is it going to take to finish these games?

“Just being able to execute to continue to do what we did to get the lead which was definitely getting stops. I think they scored like seventy points in the second half so, we just have to tighten it up there. Just to be able to keep leads and try to put teams away.”

RE: How different are the Celtics with Kyrie Irving?

“It is a great team with and without him. They beat us without him and they beat us with him. I mean they got it going he is the head of the snake. He had a great game tonight scoring the ball and distributing the ball.”

RE: Did it feel like you should have had a bigger lead after the first half?

“It did but the Celtics are so good they have guys off the bench that are starters. You have Jaylen [Brown] you have Gordon [Hayward] and they are coming at you regardless of who you are they are fearless. Especially the depth chart is so good, but they competed. Jaylen [Brown] made three 3’s in the third quarter to help them get over that edge, and Gordon [Hayward] made some big plays and that closed the gap for us and after that we were trying to fight back.”

RE: When your hot does the game plan change? Do your teammates try and feed you the ball?

“No, we still play to (De’Aaron) Fox if it comes it comes and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. You know (De’Aaron) Fox is going to look for me more in transition. Everything still runs with him. If I am open we still play basketball and there is nothing about me or (De’Aaron) Fox, Marvin [Bagley lll], Bodgen (Bogdanovic), or Harrison (Barnes) we still make the right play.”

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