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11/3 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics at Pacers

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 102-101 defeat to Indiana.

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RE: On final play of the game:

“We had a couple of options, over the top to Tatum was one. I haven’t watched it yet.”

RE: On plays made down the stretch by both teams:

“Kyrie made big shots. When we go back and look at the film, I think our presence on the ball late probably wasn’t as good as it was in the 1st half. Tyreke Evans got going all the way until the end of the game. Oladipo pulled up…other than that I thought we fought and played really hard and we got beat by a good team and Oladipo made a big shot.”

RE: On how tight finishes can prepare the team moving forward:

“We’ve gotta be better at the end of games, no question about that. But, we did some good things, too. With our execution late, Kyrie obviously made some huge shots and executed well. I think the last play will look better on film. And the steal, Oladipo certainly made a great second effort to be there.”

RE: On Boston’s last shot:

“Great play call by Coach Stevens and I just smoked the layup. It was just my body position. That was fully my responsibility to get open and to finish that shot. I rushed it. I got my left hand on the backboard and instead of finishing the play, I just put too much whatever on it and it just shorted. This one was my responsibility. I should have put us up four with that layup.”

RE: On his early foul trouble:

“I hate going through games like that. It very rarely happens. The challenge of guarding Bogdanovic in the post, I should have guarded him straight up and made him finish. I just wasn’t focused on those plays and conceded to giving up those fouls. I’ve got to be better on that end.”

RE: On Oladipo’s game winning shot:

“I knew he was going to try and shoot it, be aggressive, so I wanted to double him and help Kyrie. I figured if Sabonis scores a two, that’s fine. So I went over but he (Oladipo) pulled up even earlier than I anticipated, shot it, a good shot.”

RE: On Boston’s early season close games:

“Games like this will help us learn to value possessions. There were times I’m not even focused on offense, I’m thinking defensively we need to get stops. We weren’t able to tonight at the end. That’s a credit to them (Indiana). We have to be better in that regard. Some of these games early in the season that have worked in our favor but we’re living on the edge a little too much. Maybe this will wake us up as a group and understand that we need to be better.”

RE: On Victor’s game-winning shot:

“This really reminded me of a shot he hit last year. It was a close ball game, he pulls up and hit a three. I don’t recall the game but very similar shot he took tonight. It just gave him the confidence throughout the season last year to believe in himself. He now believes in himself. He wants that shot. He didn’t hesitate.”

RE: On how to play against Boston:

“I told our guys we want to go out there and play like we believe we can win this game. The Celtics are a very good team, a lot of talent over there. We’re not going to make excuses for the schedule. This was a tough back- to-back, and all I asked our guys to do was play like you believe you can win this game. And they did.”

RE: On his choice of substitutions:

“It’s just coaching and the flow of the game, listening to my assistants. We talk about combinations that are working…have somewhat of a rhythm. And you make substitutions accordingly. Sometimes that works out for you, and sometimes it doesn’t.”

RE: On his mindset heading toward the game-winning shot:

“I paused a little bit just to see if Nate wanted to call a timeout and he didn’t. I just got to my spot and then shot the ball with confidence.”

RE: On if he was reading the defense heading down the floor for the game-winning shot:

“I was reading it. When I saw them pick me up pretty high, I just got to my spot and shot it with confidence.”

RE: On if it surprised him the way they played off on the last shot:

“I think they thought I was going to go to the basket, honestly. Al Horford game me a little cushion as well. I just rose up and shot the ball with confidence.”

RE: On if he was thinking he was going to shoot a 3-pointer at the end:

“I was just trying to get to any spot and win the game. Get to my spot wherever I could get a shot off and win the game. I saw the clock going down and I just felt like I could get to that spot and I shot it with confidence.”

RE: On getting steal to clinch the game:

“It feels amazing. It’s like home. It’s like home. These fans deserve it and we have to continue to get better.”

RE: On having Miller type moments this week:

“Time to win. When it’s time to win nothing else matters.  You have to forget about the rest of the game and just go out and play.  That’s what we’re doing.  We’re a resilient group.  It’s an amazing group and I’m just glad I’m a part of it."

RE: On what this win means as part of a long week:

“We really wanted to come out today and just fight. We knew it was tough coming from a back to back; but Coach said ‘no excuses, we gotta come out and fight.’ This is a great test for us. Boston is one of the best teams in the east and I think we showed everyone tonight that we fought throughout the game.”

RE: On Victor’s clutch shooting in this week’s games:

“His confidence level is at a really high point and he’s just amazing. Last year he did it many times and this year he just keeps getting better and better.”

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