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Aron Baynes and Jaylen Brown

10/30 Arbella Quote Worthy: Pistons vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 108-105 victory over Detroit.

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RE: Is Marcus Morris the top candidate for the Sixth Man of the Year so far?

“He’s an awfully good one, and he’s playing at a high level. Wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of our guys get in that conversation. But certainly he’s – the way he started the season’s been really, really good. He’s got a great way about him and he’s bringing a lot of energy on both ends. He’s playing the right way. He’s been really efficient. He’s been very, very good.”

RE: Did anything give you the sense that Kyrie Irving was going to have a big game?

“Law of averages. Law of averages, which means he’s got a few more coming, right? So, I mean, he’s way too good of a scorer for the ball not to go in very long, and that stuff all evens out all the time. And, I said this just now in (the TV) interview: The best part about it is, is when he played 23 minutes the other night and scored three points, it was all about team and that wasn’t just in the media. It was in the locker room, it was on the bench, it was during the game. He’s doing a great job of leading, and the ball will go through the net. That’s – that’s inevitable.”

RE: Jaylen Brown’s game:

“I thought Jaylen had – Jaylen and Kyrie had the most, kind of, juice of our group in the third quarter and kept us – kept us afloat there for a while and in the lead, and then were able to push it out there. But I thought they both did a lot of good things.”

RE: Defense tonight:

“Our defense was good except our last-second three-point defense at the end of both halves. I just looked at the stat sheet and saw they had eight on the night; I can think of four that were super well-contested that were tough, tough shots. But credit them; they hung around and made us earn it.”

RE: How Aron Baynes impacted the game:

“Right when he checked in you could feel it. I thought – you know, he hit the three right out of the gate. Very next play he stops the ball at the rim, gets the rebound, then comes in, sets a drag screen, rolls to the rim and lays it in. You know, that’s – that’s what he does for us. He’s an important part of the team.”

RE: Detroit’s adjustments since Saturday’s game:

“Clearly, Blake (Griffin) played a lot less on the perimeter, and when he did he backed guys down, posted a little bit more than the other night, you know, was relentless going to the rim, and then we fouled him a lot. Obviously (Andre) Drummond’s always been good in here, but we knew that it was going to be much more physical. And I thought our guys did a pretty good job out of the gate, sluggish in the second, pretty good in the third, up and down in the fourth. But they’re a tough team to play against. Well-coached. Good players. Make it hard.”

RE: Explanation of apparent goal-tending:

“I was just told they didn’t think it was, so I thought it was. It happens.”

RE: How was the leg?

“It was great. 100 percent, I didn’t even notice it.”

RE: How were you able to fend off Detroit tonight and take control?

“They really dictated their offense and our offense at the same end. It was one of those things that we really needed to focus in on our execution and it was a bit of a struggle tonight. We were getting open shots, but a lot of them weren’t going down. That third quarter came in and Kyrie (Irving) got it going and everyone else fed off of it a little bit and it was enough to build some lead, but we knew they were going to come back. They have a great coach and some great players and we knew they were going to come back, make some shots and try and push us a little bit. We were just fortunate enough to make some great plays, but you know that is not going to get it done for us. We really need to lock in and get better defensively, build every single night. Milwaukee is going to make us work for it on Thursday night, we got to be better.”

RE: Nice to have Kyrie (Irving) back knocking down shots?

“Yeah definitely. Anytime he shoots that ball we all think it’s good, it’s a good shot. I think it’s just one of those things it’s good to see him knock down a few the last couple of games; it just creates so much space for everyone else. He becomes such a target for the defense, five eyes on him every time he has the ball and he’s been great at making the right play and getting other guys open shots as well.”

RE: What was said in locker room at halftime?

“We had to pick our energy level up; I think that was the focus point. I think the only thing Detroit did differently was play with a little bit more force so we had to pick up our intensity to match it so we could get the win.”

RE: What does it do for you guys when Kyrie (Irving) gets it going?

“That is what basketball is about, when someone gets it going It’s fun, it’s fun that way. It’s fun to see your brother succeed and do it and it puts a smile on your face. You get to see the Warriors, you get to see Klay (Thompson) go off like that and how the Warriors kept feeding him and feeding him and it’s contagious. We got to continue to get better, but that is the kind of team that we want to be.”

RE: Covering Blake Griffin a challenge, how are you able to do that?

“I just come out and play basketball regardless of what is the outcome or any expectations. We got a job to do so we just got to do it. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t, but you got to play through it. It’s not this team’s style to point fingers, so why start doing it now. We got to find ways to be successful and find ways to get each other going so we can be the best team and be the team to raise that banner because that is what we’re going for.”

RE: What disappoints him the most with how this game ended:

“We had our chances to end it starting the way we played in the third quarter. I loved out fight, like I told the team, we put that type of intensity and fight every night and that’s what we ask. You put yourself into position and that’s what this league is about.”

RE: Celtics defense picking up in the third quarter:

“They’re the top defensive team in the league. I thought we executed as well as we could against one of the top defensive teams. Like you said they turned it up in the third quarter, and again I thought tonight we screened better, our spacing was better, our attack was better, our passing.”

RE: The team becoming more comfortable with the offense they’re trying to run:

“A little bit. I think it shows mostly when you’re playing with teams that have some continuity and have been together. I think you kind of watch teams run their offense and they have a year or two under their belt and they just kind of go to the next thing and we’re still thinking after the first thing.”

RE: Thoughts on Kyrie (Irving) tonight:

“He was great. That’s what Kyrie does, he affects the game in so many different ways. He did a really good job.”

RE: Dwane (Casey) saying he loves the teams fight, if it will become a staple of the team

“Yeah I mean that’s what we have to do. I mean we’re not going to be as talented as some of these teams in the east but we have enough talent, and what’s going to set us apart is our will and how we go about putting our will on the game.”

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