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10/16 Arbella Quote Worthy: 76ers vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 105-87 victory over Philadelphia.

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RE: Team playing together, especially with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward back from injuries

“I thought we – we struggled to make shots. But they kept us off-balance. They changed their matchups up quite a bit. Started the game with (Joel) Embiid on (Jayson) Tatum and switching a lot of screens and then mixing that up as the game went on, and I thought that they did a good job affecting our rhythm – and we never really got into a great one. But, you know, our strength has to be in our depth, and when one guy doesn’t have it going the rest of the team has to pick them up. And everybody has to play with great effort because the guy behind him is chomping at the bit to get in. And so, I thought that all of them did their jobs hard, and I thought had great focus to do it well, and I think that we’ll clean up the offensive stuff. But if we can guard like that, we’ve got a chance to be decent.”

RE: Kyrie Irving

“I thought they had moments. I mean, Kyrie’s never going to have a game like that, probably. And that’s – you know, everybody’s been talking about Gordon being gone for twelve months, but Kyrie’s been out for six. And I had no intention of really restricting him minutes-wise, but it’s probably not all bad to play 29 in that first one and get your feet underneath you and get ready to go from here.”

RE: Effort

“I thought both teams played hard. But I thought we competed. I thought that again, our depth was a big factor in the game; whenever things started to go awry, and we put new fresh guys in they all made plays. And that’s what it’s got to be for us. We’re a long way from being really good, but if we play hard, then we have a chance to get there.”

RE: What it felt like to see Hayward take the court tonight

“I guess it wasn’t as, probably – you can ask him how it felt, but we’ve seen him in the preseason games. I watched him play one-on-one in August, you know, I watched him play some five-on-five in just open gym. So I’ve seen him and he’s looked really good, and then the last week, he’s been better. Looked more comfortable with us. But it’s clearly something for him to kind of check the box and get it behind him and – probably for everybody, too, our guys all didn’t play a game for four months at least, and sometimes the first one’s hard.”

RE: Jayson Tatum’s progression from his first to second year

“Well, I mean, we need him to be great. We talked about Gordon and Kyrie really having good weeks, coming off those injuries and not playing in the last couple exhibition games. But the other guy that really went to a different level – because he struggled a little bit in the exhibition games – was Tatum. And, he’s a good player and we need him to be good. And as I’ve told him and all our other wings, if those guys just really commit to being great defensively and making the next right play, everything’s going to work out. Because there’s a lot of good players out there.”

RE: Marcus Morris’s impact scoring, rebounding, and defending

“I think when you look at our roster, everybody brings great strengths to the table. Everybody has to do their roles exceptionally well. But we’re asking more of Marcus Morris than we are of a lot of guys. Because he’s a guy that could be playing 32, 34 minutes a night, starting, and playing a lot for – for a lot of places. But for us, we need him to come in and do exactly what he did tonight. And there’ll be games when he plays more. But I couldn’t appreciate a guy more than I appreciate him. Because he’s the one that has really – you know, right from the get-go – he’s played like he’s completely unaffected by role. He’s just going to play really well when he goes in the game.”

RE: What’s it like playing with everyone back?

“It was pretty cool. It’s good to see us at full health, full strength. Happy to have Gordon and Kyrie back out there. As a player, you want to see things like that. The guys put their heart and soul into this game and you want to see them out there on the court having fun. “

RE: Stevens saying he’s unaffected by his role and just wanting to contribute

“I’m a veteran, I’ve been around. This is my 8th year so I see that we have a special team. Minutes are going to change, the only thing I can do is go out there and be effective with the minutes I’m given and that’s my whole motto during the season. It can come down to 20 minutes, 15 minutes so just try to change the game some type of way with the time I’m given.”

RE: What was that like for you to come back?

“It was amazing to be out there on the court again for a regular season game. My adrenaline was definitely bumping those first 3 or 4 minutes, I think everyone’s adrenaline was bumping it was sloppy at first, but it was great just to be out there. That was a big step for me.”

RE: Thinking about last year’s opener

“Yeah it definitely crossed my mind, especially warming up and running out through the tunnel. Just thought about maybe not doing any back door plays this game. It for sure went through my mind. It was a major part of my life at this point in time so I tried to just get that out of my head as soon as I started playing and once you’re out there on the court some of that disappears.”

RE: Watching himself recover on the big-screen during the pre-game ceremony

“It brought back a lot of memories, a lot of dark memories and a lot of dark times, but to be honest it was cool to see some of the progression. They showed just a little bit of everything of me and then finally being back so I thought that was really well done and it was cool watching it”

RE: First game, impressions?

“It was alright. I think it was one of those games where you know it’s obviously the first game the first two minutes, no one making a shot. I think it was a good start for us.”

RE: What areas do you need to improve on?

“Everything. I think it just takes time, got to knock the rust off, especially with the season starting it’s a lot different than preseason.”

RE: How much did you make an emphasis getting to the rim, drawing fouls?

“Definitely I tried to focus on that, tried to get to the line a lot. Definitely take my man low and post him up.”

RE: What did this first game feel like to you?

“It was a first game, but there are no excuses. We didn’t execute offensively. Defensively I thought we were ok, they made a lot of tough shots, but offensively we did not move the ball at all. We had a few games and a lot of practices to work on what we were supposed to do and we didn’t do it.”

RE: Miscommunication tonight

“No idea. There’s a couple new guys on the team that changed the starting lineups so got to figure it out.”

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