What They Are Saying: Jordan Poole

The Warriors drafted Jordan Poole with the 29th pick overall in this year’s NBA Draft. The 20-year-old with an “overdose of swag,” a phrase used by his former head coach at Michigan John Beilein, demonstrated his energy on hardwood and tireless drive to score this while in the Summer League. So what are the Warriors saying about Poole, and what stories does the rookie have for Dub Nation?

Assistant Coach Mike Brown on what the staff liked from Poole:
“Just his overall offensive talent. He’s a young guy that’s extremely skilled, and the way that we play… we wanted guys to be able to make shots for us… We want to have somebody else that’s a capable scorer that can go create a shot for himself, especially in difficult situations.”

Assistant General Manager and Director of Player Personnel Larry Harris on Poole:
“Jordan with his ability to shoot the ball and score the ball — you know he’s our leading scorer in Summer League, he’s averaging nearly 20 [points] a game — for a young player, which is very impressive, and we think that ability… will translate [to the NBA].”

Jacob Evans on what he saw from Poole during Summer League:
“He can get hot at any moment. He also has a lot more agility than I think people give him credit for.”

Hear more from the man himself:

On why he brings a pillow everywhere he goes:
“My mom got me a pillow from the thrift store in second grade, and then everywhere I go, every roadtrip -- I’m a huge napper, so I nap on the plane, I nap on the bus, I bring it in hotel rooms. If you got a pillow, you can nap anywhere!”

On playing against Kevon Looney in high school while in Milwaukee:
“My freshman year, we played for the city championship. He gave us 40… yeah, we lost. I did solid, I think I had like eight points? But he dunked on me… I haven’t talked to him about it yet… It’s definitely on the mixtape for sure.”

On who he relates to more between Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson:
“Probably Steph. I feel like I’m really good at creating my own shot. Definitely being a bigger guard, I can kinda get to my spots and shoot over other smaller guards. It’s a close one because I do a lot of off-the-ball stuff as well — a lot of curls and down screens that I’ve been using in the system — but if I was to pick one, it’d probably be more of Steph’s game.”

On his nickname “The Microwave:”
“I got it freshmen year at college… I can just heat up quick. Usually I’m just looking for a bucket right away. Especially in the NBA now, it’s a big rhythm game. You get a lot of good looks, a lot of open looks, so if you can get one going early, it’s a huge game changer.”

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