What They Are Saying: Eric Paschall

Eric Paschall, the 41st overall selection in this year’s NBA Draft, is set to join the Dubs and potentially take-on an instant role in his rookie season. But what roll will that be, and what has the team seen from Paschall so far? Take a look at what the Dubs are saying about the young forward.

Assistant General Manager and Director of Player Personnel Larry Harris on regular season expectations for Paschall:
“They’re going to get a chance to play… If you’ve been seeing our Summer League team play, I think [Paschall is] going to have opportunities to play [during the regular season] every night… Eric’s going to be a ‘glue’ guy… a defensive-energy, tough guy.”

Director of Basketball Operations Jonnie West on what the Dubs saw in Paschall:
“Eric is a five-year guy who played at a really high level at Villanova... he’s a winner. He does all the things that you ask players to do: can guard multiple positions, tough, and athletic.”

Assistant coach Mike Brown's thoughts on Paschall:
“I love him because he’s gritty, he’s grimy, he’s got great feet. He’s going to be able to defend multiple positions. He’s going to help us offensively do some things at that power forward spot… he looks like he’s a little bit more ready to step out on the floor.”

Jacob Evans on what he saw from Paschall during Summer League:
“He’s almost like that Draymond [Green] type: solider, defensive anchor, an offensive anchor, versatile, really explosive athlete. I think [Paschall is a] solid piece.”

Paschall seems to have had fun since joining the Dubs, too. Take a listen to his interview that was later hijacked by teammate Jordan Poole:

On finding out he will be joined by Villanova teammate Omari Spellman, who was acquired by the Dubs this summer:
“[Laughs] Villanova guys: I just can’t get away. I leave Villanova… and then I’m with [another Villanova guy].”

On his first impressions of Chase Center:
“It’s going to be very nice. Just having a practice facility and arena in there helps out a lot.”

Finally, and the most important, how he feels about pineapple on pizza:
“It’s aight. It’s not, like, too good. It’s aight.”

Would he order it himself?
“No… If it was there and I had to eat something I’d take a bite. But it’s aight.”

What about pineapple in general?
“Oh yeah, I love pineapple on its own.”

And there you have it, Dub Nation.

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