24 Reasons Why We’ll Never Forget the Warriors' 24-0 Start to the Season

The defending champion Warriors rewrote the record books with their incredible start to the 2015-16 season.

What a time to be alive.

As if last season wasn't special enough – Stephen Curry being named the MVP, Steve Kerr leading the team to a franchise-record 67 regular season wins in his first season as a coach, and the Dubs bringing Larry back to the Bay – the Warriors started the 2015-16 season on one of the most incredible runs in sports history. Up until Saturday, the Warriors had won 24-straight games, re-writing the league's record book as they went.

To celebrate this historic accomplishment, we offer 24 reasons why this unbelievable streak will live on in Warriors lore for generations to come.

1. Big Rings
It all started on Opening Night on October 27. Our really big team got their really big rings, we raised the 2014-15 NBA Championship banner, and started the season 1-0.

2. Dancing Dubs
One thing was obvious during the streak - no other team in the league was having close to as much fun as the Warriors. The Dubs danced on the sidelines, on the court, and even with fans.

3. Bench Reactions
You always had to keep one eye on the bench because you never knew how those guys would react.

4. Surviving Double Overtime
The Streak wasn't all fun and celebrations, though. The Dubs escaped a few close calls, including a double overtime victory in Boston on December 11 (thanks in large part to Draymond, but more on him later).

5. Taking Care of Business in the Six
It was a close game throughout in Toronto on December 5. Steph and the Raptors’ Kyle Lowry each put up 40+ points, but a steal by Steph with less than five seconds remaining secured a 112-109 Dubs win, their 21st straight victory.

Even Drake was impressed.

6. Clutch Curry
The Dubs' undefeated record (up to that point) was in danger in Utah on November 30 ... until Steph buried a deep three to lift the Dubs to victory. Typical.

7. HB from 3
Harrison Barnes nailed back-to-back triples in the final 90 seconds to seal the Dubs' 20th-straight win, a 106-94 home victory over the Bulls on November 20. It was HB's third 20-point game of the season.

8. The City
Arguably the most [fire emoji] uniforms in basketball history made their season Hardwood Classics debut on November 17 against Toronto. The Dubs brought the same fire on the court, starting with Steph's pregame logo splashes and hallway shot.

Things started to heat up in the fourth quarter, but the Warriors held on to defeat the Raptors for their 12th-straight win.


The Brooklyn Nets were close to snapping The Streak on November 14, but Andre wouldn't let that happen. The reigning NBA Finals MVP forced the game into OT when he buried a triple with 5.9 seconds left on the clock. The Dubs outscored the Nets 10-2 in overtime, earning a 11-0 start to the season.

10. #BeatLA: Part One
One of the most anticipated games of the season - Warriors vs. Clippers on November 4 (a.k.a. Replica Ring Night at Oracle) - did not disappoint. Festus had one of the best blocks of his career, Steph dropped a cool 31 points (13 in the fourth quarter), and HB caught firing, scoring 10-straight points to help push the Dubs to victory. Another solid night on #WarriorsGround.

11. The Heartbeat
Draymond Green’s career trajectory is looking more and more like a hiker looking at the top of Half Dome from Yosemite Valley’s floor. The second round pick turned rotation player turned starter turned … All-Star? It certainly looks that way. The team’s 24-0 start featured three triple-doubles by the do-it-all forward, including in back-to-back games (Nov. 27 and 28), and in the final game of the winning streak – December 11 at Boston – he became the third player in NBA history to have at least 20 points, 10 rebounds, five assists, five steals and five blocks in the same game.

12. Klay All Day
There’s nothing like a good ‘ol SPLASH party, and the Warriors are fortunate enough to have multiple players who can put one together in just a matter of moments. With intrigue building about when the Warriors’ winning streak will end, the basketball world tuned into a showdown between the Dubs and Pacers on December 8. What they saw was a Klay Thompson takeover, as the Splash Brother dropped a season-high 39 points and connected on a season-high 10 three-pointers to go with seven boards and six dimes.

13. The Rise of #Swagzeli

When Andrew Bogut missed several early games with a concussion, Festus Ezeli became the team's starting center and #Swagzeli emerged. Festus is averaging career highs in points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, and minutes. He's already tallied four double-doubles and scored in double figures 10 times this season (a feat he accomplished only five teams before this season). Oh, and he's making big plays like this....

14. Steph Curry Range
We all knew Stephen Curry had range, but this is just ridiculous...

15. #StephGonnaSteph
There could be an entirely seperate list solely for Stephen Curry's Top 24 Moments, but we'll (try to) keep it simple. Steph's leading the league in scoring (despite averaging fewer than 35 minutes per game) with 32.5 points per game, he has a league-best seven 40-point games, and was named the Western Conference Player of the Month for October/November while being named the Western Conference Player of the Week three times in the first six weeks of the season.

Simply put, Steph is single-handedly redefining the game and obliterating NBA records as he goes. Scott Van Pelt said it best, Stephen Curry isn't normal.

16. #DubNation on the Road
No matter where the Warriors went, #DubNation was there. And the team noticed: "We want to feed off of that little buzz we hear and play well," Curry said. "It's special on the road."

17. #SquadGoals

One of the Warriors' biggest strengths is their depth. Having veterans like Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston come off the bench is already a huge advantage, but it's guys like Brandon Rush and Ian Clark who are always locked in and ready to step up when called upon that make this team so lethal.

It's not hard to see how much fun these guys are having - I mean, just look at the bench celebrations. The togetherness, trust, and support the Dubs have for each other is a large part of their success. Marreese Speights describes the dynamic: "It's a brotherhood. We support every guy that steps on the court, whether it's 30 minutes or two minutes. Everybody gets the same love. That's why we're making history now."

18. Sharing the Ball

The Dubs have been dropping dimes all season. During the 24-0 run, they led the NBA with 11 games with at least 30 assists (the next highest mark is 4 such games) while averaging a league-best 28.9 assists per game. On November 6 against Denver, the Dubs set a franchise record for helpers in a half with 28.

The Warriors are easily the best three-point shooting team in the league. Steph and Klay - aka the #SplashBrothers - are two of the greatest shooters of all-time. So, it should come as no surprise that the Dubs are dominating those statistical categories. During the streak, Golden State ranked first in 3P% (43.2), threes per game (13.4), and total threes made (322). In fact, the Warriors made 157 more 3-pointers than their opponents during the 24-0 start, giving the Dubs a scoring advantage of 966-495.

On November 27 at Phoenix, the Warriors set an NBA record with 15 threes in the first half before setting a franchise-record with 22 threes in the game (one shy of the NBA record).

20. What's the difference?
Not all games were nail-biters. Through the first 24 games of the season, the Dubs outscored their opponents by a total of 340 points (an NBA-best 14.2 points per game). The Dubs won 15 of their 24 games by double-digits, including a 50-point victory over Memphis on November 2 (NBA-best).

21. #BeatLA: Part Two
By now fans have learned to never count the Warriors out. This was made crystal clear on November 19 in Los Angeles against the Clippers. The Dubs closed the fourth quarter on a 25-8 run to complete the largest comeback win in the league so far this season. Maybe it was because Steph had an insane 40-point game, or Harrison and Klay both put up 20-point games. Maybe it was Andre's shuffle. Or maybe it was defeating a rival on national television. Whatever it was, this win felt extra good.

22. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
It should come as no surprise, but... winning is fun. When you're on the verge of winning 22-straight games, you deserve to have a little fun. Even if that means tweeting out silly Taylor Swift puns.

23. There's No Place Like Home
Already known to be one of the toughest places to visits for opponents, the reputation of Warriors Ground only emerged as more daunting during the streak. Ten of the team’s 24 wins during the undefeated run came at home, and their average margin of victory of those games was 17.7. Defensively, the Dubs allowed 95.2 points per game in home games (vs. 106.8 ppg on the road) and held their opponents to 41.1% shooting from the field and 28.1% from three-point range during the streak. Long drawn out chants of Waaaaaarrrrrrrriiiiiiioooooooorrrrrrrs used to just be reserved for the postseason, but the excitement of the first seven weeks of the season made them common occurrences in November.

24. Rewriting the Record Books
Is there a record for how many records a team breaks in a single season?

  • Best start to a season: 24-0
  • Best start to a season for a defending Champion: 24-0
  • Best road start: 14-0
  • Best single-season start by any professional sports team: 24-0
  • Second longest win streak in NBA history: 28 games (24-straight in 2015-16, 4-straight in 2014-15)
  • Tied the best record for a seven game road trip: 6-1
  • Most three-point field goals, one half: 15 (11/27/15 at Phoenix)

If these first 24 games are any indicator if how the rest of the season will play out....

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