Ask me Anything ft Klay Thompson

Your Burning Questions, Answered.

In case you missed it, Klay jumped on Reddit to let fans ask their burning questions. In Friday's Ask Me Anything, Klay detailed his gameday routine, who he would pick to survive on a deserted island & more.

First topic of discussion, favorite sports.

QB Klay does have a nice ring to it...

What's Rocco's Christmas list looking like?

That's one lucky pup!

Some solid basketball advice from the 3-time champ.

What's pregame like for Klay Thompson? You may ask...

We're going to go with cold. Very cold.

Keys to success- be in great shape & have unwavering confidence.

Time for the question on everyone's mind.

Aquaman, critical thinking & outdoor stuff. The skills necessary to partner with Klay on a deserted island.

Multi-lingual. Impressive.

Check. Mate.

Klay has been asked to sign both a toaster & a baby.

Plenty of memorable moments with the team, Klay's top 2?

What's going through Klay's mind when he "goes nucleur?"

Some of Klay's toughest defensive matchups might come during practice- against his own teammates.

To see Klay's full AMA-- click here.

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