Top Takeaways from the Warriors’ 2021 Media Day

The Warriors Reunited at Chase Center for Media Day, Discussing 2021-22 Season and More

It was an exciting day at Chase Center on Monday as the Warriors united for the team’s annual Media Day, where players and coaches posed for photos, addressed media and shared their thoughts on the upcoming 2021-22 season.

From Klay Thompson’s anticipated return to thoughts on the Dubs’ latest roster additions, take a look at some of the notable quotes from the Warriors 2021-22 Media Day.

Stephen Curry

On the Current Team’s Potential: “We don’t have huge holes in the roster. There’s a lot of potential for young guys to step up in a meaningful way, probably faster than we’ve been used to in the past with how we’ve won.”

On the Night Klay Thompson Makes his Return: “It’s going to be beautiful basketball. It’s going to be emotional for sure…I’m excited that it’s as close as it’s ever been. I know the crowd is going to show him so much love that he deserves, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.”

Klay Thompson

On Being a Warrior: “Oh, feels so good to put this jersey on and it feels great to be on the court. Even better to be on the court. It's all incredible, absolutely incredible…I always love the Warriors. It's the team that drafted me. I've seen the fan base grow. I've seen the team go through my rookie year winning 23 games and four years later, breaking the NBA season record for win; 16-1 in the playoffs, another record. I'm very prideful to be a Warrior and so should everybody else who puts on this uniform because it's truly a privilege to play for this organization.“

On the Current Team’s Potential: “The future's bright, and the present is even brighter… I am excited to coach these guys and just play alongside them. Hopefully teach them a few of the little tricks I've learned over the years and I mean, I just get excited seeing these young guys run up and down with their spry legs and their ability to get above the rim. Gets me excited to try to develop their skills a little bit more and their basketball minds.”

Andre Iguodala

On his Decision to Return to the Warriors: “We don’t have huge holes in the roster. There’s a lot of potential for young guys to step up in a meaningful way, probably faster than we’ve been used to in the past with how we’ve won.”

On Stephen Curry: "I've said it many times whether what he stands for, a generational impactful guy that you don't see often. It's only like one of those guys every generation, and just kind of how he changes the game.”

Andrew Wiggins

On Warriors Rookies Moses Moody and Jonathan Kuminga: “They can play. They are good, young guys. I came in maybe about two weeks ago and I was practicing, but they are good players. They are ready for this league, and they work hard. They are great people, great kids.”

On the Return of Klay Thompson: “I'm excited. I know how hard he's worked to get back to the point that he's at now, and you know, the comeback story will be even better. It will be great. He knows I'm excited about that and I'm excited to have the full team back together.”

Kevon Looney

On the Dubs’ 2021-22 Rookies: “Jonathan is really good, really explosive. Moses can really shoot the ball. Excited to see how they take advantage of the opportunities coming up this year, and I think they are going to be really good for us.”

On the Return of Klay Thompson: “We're really excited about getting Klay back, for him to get back on the court with us is going to be a big deal. Klay carries himself with a certain type of joy to the locker room, but now that he's getting even closer, he's getting even more spry, you see him on the court, shooting and it's been exciting to watch and just can't wait for him to get on the court with us.”

Damion Lee

On the Younger Warriors: “They are trying to learn. Coachable. They just ask a lot of questions and that's one thing that you really want from a bunch of young guys is guys that are willing to ask questions and want to learn.”

On the Offseason: “This summer has been great for me because it's allowed me to understand my why, what I do, and who I am, and just being complete in the person that I am where I don't go out here and compare with other guys.”

James Wiseman

On his Rehabilitation: “My knee is great so far. Really just taking it day-by-day. The time and the date is unknown but I can do individual workouts and training camp and stuff like that.”

On the 2021-22 season: “I'm really excited because I get to see the whole Warrior nation, and excited to play hard for the fans and the team. I can't wait.”

Juan Toscano-Anderson

On his Basketball Experience: “Yeah I haven't been in the NBA very long but I've played a lot of basketball, year round, for five years, all over the world, Spanish coaches, Venezuelan coaches, American coaches, a lot of different styles of basketball and I think that I've really benefitted from that being able to make reads and understand the game.”

On his Relationship with the Warriors Rookies: “I want to be a friend and I want to be somebody that if you got an issue, if ever, and you need to call me and need some advice, you can call me, my phone line is always open, whatever the case may be. Just stuff like that. Enjoy the moment. Don't ever let up. Keep approaching your craft.”

Jordan Poole

On the Dubs’ 2021-22 Rookies: “It's exciting. You know, they are able to finally live their dreams and they are coming into a really good situation. We're a talented team. We have got all of our pieces coming back and we're healthy, so just trying to get them up to speed as much as possible.”

On the Return of Klay Thompson: “I see Klay shooting all the time, whether it's before, after, pre-practice, pre-workouts. It's very few times I can say I've walked on to the court and seen him miss. He'll do drills and make 12, 13, 14, 15 in a row, and that just is extremely exciting…So we'll be ready and it will be exciting when he's here. But just to see him work day-by-day and continue to get back to himself is definitely what we're here for.”

Jonathan Kuminga

On his Experience with the Team So Far: “They just tell me, stay ready, whenever your moment comes, it’s your time to shine. Just stay humble, play hard, work hard every single day and get better.”

On the Impact he Hopes to Make on the League: “Nobody ever came to the league and became the star right away. They had to go through a long process to get here and I think that’s what — that’s the thing I’m doing. I’m trusting the process.”

Moses Moody

On Playing with Veteran NBA Players: "It's been a lot of fun. Like I said, that's a new environment, playing with these guys. A lot of them know the system and know how they like to play and so it's cool for me being able to watch and then get on the floor and actually be in those different scenarios and situations, and that's been really helping me develop."

On Transitioning from College into the NBA: “The NBA is a completely different level than college and I understand that, and I'm a rookie so I have a lot that I need to learn.”

Nemanja Bjelica

On his Decision to Join the Warriors: “It took less than a minute. I think this is the best place for me right now, opportunity, and to be part of this franchise…It's one of the best teams in the league and you know, I'm happy to be here.”

On Stephen Curry: “The guy is unbelievable. It's like video game, you know. For him, he is such a good player that whatever he does, everything looks easy. But the things he's doing on the court, it's tough for some other guys. So that's why he's so unique and special.”

Otto Porter Jr.

On his Decision to Join the Warriors: “I just think it was a great opportunity for me…To me it was an easy decision, knowing where I am at in my career and what I want to accomplish and I thought, you know, being here at Golden State, wanting to help them achieve what they wanted to achieve, so I think it was a good opportunity for me.”

On his Time in the League: “I think that's what makes it exciting, knowing that I have a chip on my shoulder and knowing that I've been in the league where the league was changing. And I know that I can continue to show my worth and continue to help a team out.”

Steve Kerr

On his Olympic Experience in Tokyo: “An amazing experience…it was really, really fun to be a part of the Gold Medal winning team, coaching all the players, coaching Kevin (Durant) and Draymond (Green) again, getting to know all the other guys on the team, and then coaching with Pop who has become, you know, a real mentor for me and one of my best friends, along with an amazing staff. It was a phenomenal experience.”

On the Warriors’ 15th and Final Roster Spot: “We have to use training camp to see what we have and to see how the pieces fit together in this year’s puzzle. Whether we use that spot or not, we’ll see. But that’s the whole point of camp is to really get a feel for our team and then put our heads together over the next few weeks and figure that out.”

Bob Myers

On the Warriors’ Offseason Additions: “Some of our veteran additions, we think, were great value additions, with Iguodala, Bjelica and Porter. We'll see what they become. We'll have good expectations for all three of them.”

On the Warriors 2021-22 Training Camp: “We like the group that came in with Bradley and Mulder and Payton and Galloway and so we think it's going to be a competitive camp and we have to decide, do we fill that spot or not? If we are going to add a 15th, I would think we would have to have a pretty good reason to do it.”


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