What They Are Saying in The Dubble - 9/29/20

Hear From the Dubs After Day Seven of Minicamp

Day seven of Warriors Minicamp, presented by Oracle NetSuite, came to a close with Mychal Mulder taking the mic. The 26-year-old who made a splash in his rookie debut with the Dubs tackled a number of topics while meeting with media, including what he is learning in The Dubble, the upcoming General Election, and more.

Take a look at what the guard had to say after a week of practices with the squad:

On the minicamp and impact it could have on making the Warriors’ roster:
“I feel like every day that we come in it’s an opportunity for us to get better and an opportunity to have the eyes of our staff and the guys up top looking at us. That’s the attitude I’ve brought to the court every single day since I’ve been a professional… that’s nothing that’s going to change and that’s basically an everyday thing for me.”

On whether or not he guards Klay Thompson in practice:
“Yeah, any time I get an opportunity really. Klay wasn’t playing when I first got here, so now that we got Klay back on the floor, I try to match up with him as much as I can. Obviously it’s a great opportunity for me and everybody else to sponge-off his knowledge of the game and his leadership. Any chance I get to be on the floor with him and really get to guard him and have him guard me — that’s obviously a blessing in itself and something that makes us all a lot better.”

On the upcoming General Election:
“Me being from Canada, I can’t vote in this election. But I think it’s extremely important for everybody who can to get out in this coming election. Everybody’s voice is important. Some people feel like they’re not heard and we got to prove that’s not true. I feel like it’s important and people have fought for hundreds of years to give us an opportunity to vote, and it’s important everybody gets out and does so… Even though it’s not my own (election), I understand how important it is.”

On what advice the Warriors veterans have been giving him:
“The main advice that guys have given to me and other guys in the locker room is just to stay ready. There’s so much uncertainty about the future, uncertainty about what’s going to happen next. Obviously it’s all of our jobs to stay ready, keep our nose to the grindstone, keep working every day so that whenever we get back on the court to compete we’re all going to be ready for that.”

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