What They Are Saying in The Dubble - 9/28/20

Hear From the Dubs After Day Six of Minicamp

Following the sixth day of Warriors Minicamp, presented by Oracle NetSuite, Head Coach Steve Kerr and guard Andrew Wiggins took to the mic to speak with media on a wide range of topics, including how a fifth-seeded Miami Heat team made their way to the 2020 NBA Finals.

Take a listen to what they had to say, or read some of the excerpts below:

On what he’s looking to get out of this minicamp:
“Just take care of business. Me, being one of the guys with more years on the team than the guys at the camp right now, I’m just trying to be vocal. Be there for the guys and work hard. Lead by example and just build up the chemistry. We got a lot of young guys, first and second year guys…just building up the chemistry and let them know I’m here, Klay’s here and we’re going to work our butts off.”

On Jimmy Butler leading the Miami Heat to the 2020 NBA Finals:
“I’ve been rooting for them. Jimmy (Butler), he was a great teammate, hell of a competitor...over there he brought those guys to The Finals, that’s a huge accomplishment and it just shows what he can do.”

On what aspects of his game he’s working on in the Dubble:
“Been doing a lot of ball handling, just moving to a lot of different spots without the ball. Cutting, shooting. Just running through certain situations I would have in this offense.”

On Andre Igoudala’s performance in Game 6 of the 2020 Eastern Conference Finals:
“A lot of people in this building who enjoyed the Andre (Igoudala) show last night. That was incredible…Close out games, important games, that’s when he tends to knock down some big ones so a lot of cheering in this building last night.”

On Klay Thompson’s practice plan:
“We’re taking it really slow with Klay and he’s basically taking part in all of practice, other than the scrimmage. We’re doing other drills that are live, we did some defensive drills, five-on-five, more of a controlled scrimmage that he took part in. But at the end of practice-scrimmage, we had him doing one-on-one stuff with Leandro (Barbosa) and that is the preferable sequence right now.” ”

On Andrew Wiggins’ adaptation to the Warriors ecosystem:
“Andrew (Wiggins) is really, really diligent. He’s a worker. He works every single day. He puts his time in and he’s in great shape all the time.”

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