Building A Community in Mission Bay

Warriors legends establish roots in the Dubs’ new neighborhood

As the 2018-19 regular season comes to a close, the Dubs prepare to make their way across the bridge to their new home in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood.

Teaming up with Dropbox and 826 Valencia, the Warriors are shining a light on the youth in their new neighborhood. 826 Valencia is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping under-resourced youth develop their writing skills. Recently, We Believe era Warriors Jason Richardson and Stephen Jackson made their way to The City to meet with participating students, who helped show the former guards around the Dubs’ new community.

Students from the program wrote letters to the Warriors organization expressing what they love about living in Mission Bay, and the deep sense of community that is felt there. The students welcomed Richardson and Jackson to the neighborhood, with one sharing some valuable advice that goes beyond the hardwood: “be thankful, be kind, and be respectful.”

After meeting Richardson and Jackson, students had the chance to get some shots up with them, all the while indulging the Bay Area fan favorites in the things that make Mission Bay a wonderful home.

The former Dubs even got a special tour of the new writing facility.

This new writing center is artistically-designed, with an imaginative wall mural and reading spaces to optimize creativity in young minds. In addition to a focus on writing, the center will also provide resources to assist students with reading and homework. Ensuring these programs are accessible to all students living in the area, it is free of charge.

While 826 Valencia looks to improve students’ literacy skills, the program also aims to build student confidence and establish a community of support in order to enhance future opportunities. In working with this organization, and enlisting the help of Dropbox to spotlight 826 Valencia’s roots in Mission Bay, the Warriors continue to provide unwavering support to their community.

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