What They’re Saying: Bob Myers’ Pre-Draft Media Availability – 11/11/20

Dubs GM Bob Myers Discusses Wednesday’s NBA Draft

The Warriors are not officially on the clock yet, but the 2020 NBA Draft is now less than one week away with the event set to start Nov. 18 at 5pm. Additionally, free agency will now open on Nov. 20. This means the Dubs’ President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Bob Myers and his staff are preparing to make decisions that will round-out the 2020-21 Warriors roster.

Watch as Myers fields questions from media regarding the top draft prospects and his plans heading into these events, or take a look at some of the highlights down below:

On how set the team’s draft board is:
“I'd say we still are allowing ourselves time to really firm up our board. We don't have to draft today, so in a sense we don't need it to be firm. We have ideas about what we like and what we don't like or what makes sense or what doesn't make sense, so we're looking at it… Somebody gave me good advice. I don't know who it was. I think somebody that worked with President Obama told me one of his things, never make a decision until you have to. So we'll make it on Wednesday night when they call our name.”

On whether or not he feels the pressure of making the right choice with the No. 2 pick:
“I feel like every year, everything you do is make-or-break, trade, draft, I don't know. But you can't really think like that. You've got to operate not out of fear, so hopefully we get it right, and if you don't, you deal with that. That's the life I chose…. Pressure is an interesting thing. If I screw it up, I probably blame myself more than Twitter can do it or you, I suppose, or anyone.”

On whether or not the $17.2 million Traded Player Exception from the Andre Iguodala trade in July, 2019 will be used:
“If something makes sense, we'll do it. If it doesn't, we won't. It's there. It's a tool. We can use it. We've known that for a long time… It's not one of those things where we feel like we have to, but at the same time we want to win just as much as anybody else, so if there's a player that makes sense or a deal that makes sense, we'll go after it.”

On if he is seeking a player who will have an immediate impact or looking for someone to develop:
“The easy answer is both, but ideally if there was a player that you could draft now that you knew would win you a championship or something and you could forego maybe the future, but it's hard to even say -- it's not so clear. There's no Tim Duncan where a guy was a senior and he's going to be great automatically and you win now and you win for the next 20 years.”

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