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We Believe Rewind: Snoop Dogg Befriends 11-year-old Warriors Fan

Celebrating the 10-Year Anniversary of We Believe

As the We Believe Warriors made their playoff run in 2007, home games at Oracle Arena drew some famous faces, including Mr. Snoop D-O-double-G. Sitting courtside Snoop befriended a group of young Warriors fans, resulting in one of the most iconic Warriors photos out there.

But what's the story behind the photo? Quentin Favia (top left) fills us in:

The story begins with my friend Chaz Phillips inviting myself, Quentin Favia, and our other friend Will Richardson to the game. While I had lived in San Francisco my entire life I had never been to a Warriors game. We arrived at the game half hour before tipoff and sat in our seats watching the players warm up. Monta Ellis actually let me shoot a three while he was warming up, I was yards away from hitting rim.

After that we saw Snoop walking through the stadium on the scoreboard and we got excited we may be able to see him from afar. Next thing I knew, he sat down right next to me and said what’s up. After a few minutes I started asking him questions. I was in 6th grade and 11 at the time. I had just seen Starsky and Hutch for the first time and told him he was great in the movie. He started laughing and said, “You do know I’m a rapper right?” We talked for the remainder of the game, mostly me asking him questions and him telling stories. I asked if I could see the gold ring he had on but he said he couldn’t take it off and instead put the gold chain around my neck. That’s when all the cameras started to come into play. He was one of the friendliest guys I’ve ever met and happily answered every stupid question I asked.

The next day Snoop went on the Conan O’Brien show and talked about being at the Warriors game last night. Conan pulled up the picture of all four of us and said, “Snoop, did you join a Mormon gang or something?”, referring to my friend and I who both had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Snoop laughed and replied, “Nah thats my boy lil Quentin, Chaz and Will.”

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