It's Our Game - Warriors Basketball Camp

Stephen Curry hosts Inaugural Girls-Only Basketball Camp

Between a Championship celebration, multiple golf tournaments and professional and fatherly duties, this offseason hasn’t featured a ton of downtime for Stephen Curry. And the three-time NBA champ added to his busy plate by hosting an “It’s Our Game” basketball camp this week in Walnut Creek, an invite-only event held for free for select Bay Area girls. Curry, the father of two young girls and a newborn baby boy, partnered with Warriors Basketball Camp to bring this free two-day camp into a reality, and the result was a whole lot of full of fun, hard work and plenty of lasting advice from not only Steph, but a panel of high-ranking women in sports.

"We want to be able to instill the confidence in girls that they can be a part of the game as well and do special things with the game."

It’s Our Game campers were welcomed, suited up in Under Armour jerseys & off to work on their game.

It’s Our Game starts NOW #FirstDayAtGSWCamp

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Coach Steph taught the girls dribbling and shooting drills he uses to warm up when he plays.

@stephencurry30 teaching us how to keep the handles right

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The camp had a special appearance from all three of the Warriors' recent championship trophies, PLUS Steph’s two MVP trophies.

The second day of camp hosted a Women In Sports panel with several notable women in different positions across the professional sports industry.

One of the highlights from camp came in the form of a buzzer beater, which was very fitting seeing as Steph has been known to knock a few of those down. While demonstrating shooting drills, Steph chose four girls to compete against the clock in a shooting challenge. Each camper had two minutes to shoot from five spots, moving on by knocking down two in a row. The first three competitors made their way down and halfway back, but with 20 seconds left, Amanda got hot and knocked down eight shots in a row and a buzzer beater to beat the drill. Steph went crazy, camp went crazy and it was a great way to end the day.

The next day, Steph came in with a shoebox and inside was a pair of new Curry 5’s. Curry called Amanda to the front and surprised her with the signed pair, drawing a roaring applause from the campers and parents who looked on.

Camp concluded with everyone excited for the future. Campers grew their basketball skills, knowledge and confidence, and made a few friends along the way!

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