Catching Up With J-Rich

Jason Richardson discussed his life after basketball at a recent session of Warriors Basketball Camp.

Former Golden State Warrior and fan favorite Jason Richardson stopped by at a session of Warriors Basketball Camp last week, and the campers in attendance were lucky enough to take part in a Q&A with the 15-year NBA veteran and two-time dunk contest champion. Richardson covered a wide variety of topics, including his favorite memories in Golden State, his thoughts on the current team and what he's up to in life after basketball. Oh, and he also put that legendary athleticism on display (with no warm-up, no less!):

What's your favorite Warrior memory?

"You have to go with the We Believe team. It definitely was a turning point in my mind for the franchise, for the fans that we're so loyal to us through the losing years. I think that will always be special in my heart."

How excited and happy are you to see what the team is doing now?

"I'm very excited to see how the club is, and come in here and see banners...there was nothing on these walls in here. You ride down the highway, you see the Warriors flags on people's cars...it's everything that I wanted for this franchise. So I'm just happy that this franchise is doing well and the fans are getting what they deserve."

How can we fix the dunk contest?

"Just dunk. I think all the extra antics, the capes and all that...just go out there and do dunks. But it's pretty hard to continue to do dunk contests because everybody's seen every dunk. But when Zach LaVine was in the dunk contest, he actually did some dunks I'd never seen before."

How have you been living life since your playing days?

"I'm actually starting my real career in golf now [laughs]. I've got another 14 years before I'm 50 to get on the Tour, so that's what I've been doing in my spare time. My kids are very active in sports. My daughter – she's going to be a senior in high school this year – she's planning to play college basketball. Got some offers for her. My son is basketball and soccer. I would prefer for him to play soccer so I can go overseas and live for a couple years. And my youngest son is into picking flowers and playing with dragons. It's the craziest thing. He loves rocks, he's into fossils and he loves dinosaurs. He can tell you every dinosaur...he's very athletic, but he just doesn't have interest in sports."

What's some of the best advice you've received to prepare you for life after basketball?

"Basketball never lasts forever. You have to do something else with it. I'm definitely doing a lot of different things right now. I'm kind of hiding it from my mom, but I'm going back to school, finishing my degree right now."

What will your diploma say? What are you studying?

"Sports Business. So, different career paths. Might be front office, might be agent...I definitely want to stay close to the game."