'We're Ready To Pick:' Gupta Details Wolves Draft Prep

by Shahbaz Khan

Three weeks ahead of the 2020 NBA Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves are ready to make their selection at the top of the Draft. While information regarding this year’s prospects continues to flow in, if the team possesses the No. 1 pick come November 18, they know exactly who they’ll be selecting in the top overall slot.

“We feel pretty good about where we’re at – we’re ready to pick,” said Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Sachin Gupta. “Certainly lots of different scenarios and plans that we’re working through, but we feel good about our evaluations at this point.”

Gupta and the remainder of the front office staff remain focused on adding the best talent available on Draft Night, whether that be through the Draft itself, or through potential trades. A team nucleus composed of stars Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell lends itself well to roster construction, with the duo’s versatility being a focal point for future plans.

“We feel like we can fit such a wide array of skills around those guys [KAT and DLo] and around that roster, so we don’t feel constrained in any way…we can really look for best talent available and also be open to trading,” shared Gupta.

The 2020 NBA Draft takes place virtually on November 18. The Wolves own the No. 1, 17, and 33 picks.


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