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Skyway-connected to the Target Center, ABC Ramps are the premier parking destination for Timberwolves fans.

Choose the best ramp for you:

Ramp A: $10* event parking – access to I-394

Ramp B: $10* event parking – access to I-394 and Warehouse District – Closest ramp!

Ramp C: $9* event parking – access to I-394 & I-94, I-35W along Washington Ave. – Fastest exit!

*Rates subject to change without notice. For dual events with Target Field, payment will be collected upon entry.


From the West

Take I-394 East and exit directly into Ramp A or B - or Take I-94 East to the N. 4th St. Exit. Turn left on 2nd Ave. N. then turn left into Ramp C.

From the North

Take I-35W South to the Washington Ave. Exit. Turn right on Washington Ave. To park at Ramp C - turn left on 3rd Ave. N. and right into the ramp. To park at Ramp B – turn left on 3rd Ave. N.; turn left on N. 5th St.; and turn right on 2nd Ave. N. To park at Ramp A – turn left on 1st Ave. N.; turn right on N. 7th St.

From the South

Take I-35W North to the Downtown Exits and follow the 5th Ave. Exit. Turn left on N. 7th St. to park in Ramp A, or turn left on N. 7th St. and then right on 2nd Ave. N. to park in Ramp B.

From the East

Take I-94 West to the 11th St. Exit. Follow 11th St. to Hennepin Ave. and turn right. Turn left on 9th St. Turn right on 2nd Ave. N. to Ramps A, B or C.

Note: You can exit the ramps at any exit and follow signs to freeways using alternate routes.

Arrive early and stay late to take full advantage of all the Warehouse District has to offer, including great restaurants, shopping and nightlife!

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Ramps map
Uber logo


The Official Rideshare App of Target Center

Dedicated area for Uber pickups and drop-offs

At the corner of 1st Avenue and 6th Street as well as 2nd Ave between 6th Street and N 7th

Look for the Uber signage!

For downtown traffic details and construction updates, visit the City of Minneapolis web site.

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