Three Questions With Leandro Barbosa

Before the Dec. 8 game against the Wolves, Warriors wing Leandro Barbosa took a few minutes to chat with our Kyle Ratke. Check out their chat below.

KR: You've been in the league for a while now (13 seasons). How have you been able to stay mentally and physically ready for the grind of an NBA season?

LB: Eating really healthy. Getting rest, as much as I can, you know? Even in the summer I play with the (Brazilian) National Team. It's part of the game. Me taking care of my body, that's how it goes.

KR: When you were in Phoenix, Steve (Kerr) was your GM. How has that relationship helped you now that you're playing for him?

LB: We are pretty good friends. As Alvin Gentry as well. I kind of know what they like to do on the offensive standpoint and the defensive standpoint. It makes it easier for me. What I try to do is just help the young guys and keep pushing them to do what they've been doing so far.

KR: You guys are 17-2 right now and riding a 12-game winning streak. Does everything just feel like it's perfect right now?

LB: Defintely. Automatic. Everything happens for a reason. There's no selfishness on this team. Everyone moves the ball. Everyone knows their role and we're happy. Everything's just happening automatic. We just are going out there and having fun.