Three Questions With Zach LaVine

Dane MizutaniWeb Editorial AssociateEmail / TwitterOur Dane Mizutani was able to catch up with Zach LaVine in advance of the Wolves matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night. LaVine grew up a huge Kobe Bryant fan. Here's what he had to say about potentially going up against the Black Mamba:

DM: You grew up a huge Kobe Bryant fan. What’s it going to be like sharing the court with him on Friday night?

ZL: That was my childhood idol, but now that I’m on the same court as him I know I’ve just got to go at him. He’s going to go everybody. Kobe is going to do Kobe stuff out there. I just can’t get in awe of it when I’m out there on the court.  

DM: How much did watching Kobe Bryant and trying to emulate what he does on the court impact the development of your game? 

ZL: I feel like Kobe is one of the greatest ever so of course I try to model some of my game after him just like I’m sure everybody does to some degree. He wasn’t just my favorite player. I know he was a favorite for a lot of these guys growing up.

DM: What would the little kid Zach LaVine say right now knowing there’s a good chance he actually has to matchup against Kobe Bryant on Friday night?

ZL: It’s going to be really special. I’ve never even met him before so this is the first time for me, and for that first time to be when I’m actually playing on the court against him, that’s going to be crazy. I’m going to have to put that past me and just go out there and play. We’re all going to be amped up to be playing in Staples Center and whenever a team plays the Lakers its has to bring its ‘A’ game. It’s going to be good. I’m looking forward to it.