Kevin Love "Gets Closer" to fans at IDS Center

Alex Conover
Web Editorial Associate

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To promote the first day of the “Get Closer” season ticket membership campaign, All-Star forward Kevin Love stopped at the IDS Center downtown to give away autographs, a jersey and tickets to some lucky fans.

“It’s always fun,” Love said. “This is always a busy time around Nicollet, and a lot of people are working and came to support the Timberwolves and be great fans like they have been doing the whole year.
“We just wanted to give back as much as we can, I know we are starting our new season ticket campaign, and today is the first day. We wanted to give away some autographs, a jersey, and some season tickets. So I think it went well.”

[CLICK HERE to learn more about the "Get Closer" campaign.]

Fans from far and wide heard the buzz via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth downtown. After signing everything from posters to cell phones, Love drew a raffle to give away a signed jersey and a set of season tickets.

The winner of the tickets was Kimberly Wolles, a South Dakota native that was in Minneapolis for Monday night’s game against the Heat. Little did she know that she would come away from her trip with a big surprise.

“I am in town with friends, my sister is on spring break,” said Wolles, who recently relocated to Kentucky. “We came specifically for the game, and we just saw on Twitter last night that Kevin Love was going to be signing autographs. We came down before lunch just to get an autograph.”

Wolles nearly gave up on the raffle before she heard her name announced by Love’s booming voice across the IDS Center.

“We were wandering away, the event was wrapping up,” Wolles said. “They did announce my name and I had to run down the escalator, they were about to announce the next name. I got a nice ‘boo’ from the crowd.”

And now with her recent move, she’ll have to find a way to divide the tickets. But regardless, the giveaway was another big gift from a basketball club that values its loyal fans.

“We just thought we were going to catch a game and have a good weekend, but this is a nice surprise,” Wolles said. “It’s really awesome to have such a generous franchise reach out to its fans on a Monday morning.” 

For Love, it was a flashback to times when he was able to attend the same sort of events as a fan growing up in the Northwest.

“Growing up in Portland and being able to reach out and touch a player or get an autograph,” said Love, “it made a big impact on me. For me to have that power to reach out to the people who support us, it’s really a big deal.”

After last season’s extremely successful “Everyone’s Talking About the Wolves” campaign in which the team sold more than 2,000 full season ticket memberships for the third consecutive season, the “Get Closer” ticket membership campaign highlights the unparalleled access afforded only to Wolves season ticket members. Fans can purchase season ticket memberships beginning today by calling 612-673-1640.

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