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Karl-Anthony Towns' Versatility Leads NBA Centers

by Julian Andrews
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As Karl-Anthony Towns makes his case for All-NBA honors, there are a few names that naturally arise as competition: Anthony Davis and Joel Embiid. Those two players and Towns are the only players this season to average 24+ points, 12+ rebounds, 3+ assists and 1.5+ blocks per game.

Towns leads that group in win shares (he has 10.2, Davis had 9.6 and Embiid has 8.6), which is a big testament to everything he does for the Wolves on a nightly basis. He also shoots better both from the field and from three-point range than Davis or Embiid. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—Towns’ efficiency is unprecedented. Towns has also managed to stay far healthier than Davis and Embiid and has scored over 100 more total points than either this season. He also leads them in total assists.

Towns has a strong case to earn All-NBA honors. The other player that will definitely be considered for All-NBA at the center position is Nikola Jokic, but his style of play is different, and he doesn’t quite fit the traditional center mold that these three do so direct comparison is more difficult. Regardless, looking at Towns’ productivity, efficiency and health, he should be a lock for All-NBA.


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