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Josh Okogie Is Absolutely Amazing In Third Quarter Stretch Against James Harden

by Kyle Ratke, Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager


Josh Okogie is an easy player to love. 

He plays with energy and effort. Every single play, the 20th pick of the 2018 draft brings it.

That couldn’t have been on display more  than in the third quarter against the Rockets on Wednesday night at Target Center.

Okogie threw down a dunk, hit an amazingly tough layup, swiped James Harden (led to a foul on the other end), threw down a huge slam on a leak out and nailed a huge 3-pointer.

And the play that you’ll be talking to your friends about that will likely be on SportsCenter later Wednesday night. . . He ended the stretch with a ridiculous block on last season's MVP. It got the Target Center crowd on its feet and is a likely glimpse into the future of just how special Okogie can be on the defensive side of the ball. 

Watch the highlights below. Show them to young kids wanting to know how to play basketball. There are some things you can't control. Playing with energy, effort and passion aren't among those things.

The Wolves entered the third quarter down 58-52 and exited it up 87-84. A big chunk of that had to do with Okogie. 


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