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Gersson Rosas Reflects On A 'Special Night' For The Wolves

by Julian Andrews
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Following the 2019 NBA Draft, Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations Gersson Rosas addressed the media to discuss what was a very productive evening for the team.

Per a press release from Timberwolves PR: 

“The Minnesota Timberwolves selected North Carolina forward Cameron Johnson with the 11th overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Minnesota is currently in discussions to trade the rights to that pick, however the team will not be able to consummate any potential trade until after the moratorium period ends on July 6. Therefore, the Wolves will have no comment on this pick (or any other picks involved) until they have finished those trade discussions.”

So, while Rosas wasn’t able to comment on specifics of the night because of league rules, he still expressed excitement about what the team was able to accomplish on his first draft night with Minnesota. 

“We were very thorough, very diligent, what we were able to do tonight is pretty rare. Our staff deserve a ton of credit,” he said. “We looked at every opportunity, we knew what was available and we were able to execute on it. When that happens, it’s a good night, because a lot of times those things don’t come together.” 

The Wolves went into the night ready to be active and aggressive. Preparation allows for flexibility and because of their hard work planning for all eventualities the Wolves were ready to do everything in their power to better the team.

“We saw a couple of breaks in the draft where we knew we had to get ahead of and we were fortunate to get in the right territory to execute,” said Rosas. “…There were different points to get in at different prices and we were fortunate to get the opportunity we have. It was a very active marketplace, there were very aggressive teams and for us to be able to execute where we did, it worked out well for us.”

The Wolves selected Jaylen Nowell with their No. 43 pick. Nowell is the reigning Pac 12 Player of the Year and has a chance to make a real impact on this team even as a second-round selection. Nowell can do a lot—he shot the ball very well in college and he has a great physical profile as well. He’ll be able to do a lot of things.

“He’s a very versatile player. He’s a guy that very early in his career has accomplished a lot,” said Rosas. “His productivity from the perimeter as a versatile player, as a combo guy who also defends with his size and physical tools, was very intriguing for us.”  

While the draft is an important step in team building, it’s just one step in a long process. Rosas was quick to point out that the job of building a complete roster that is ready to compete continues until rosters are set before the first game. The work has barely begun. 

“The roster will be set… whenever our first regular season game is. This is just a natural process of that progression,” he said. “We look at these guys as development pieces. We hope at some point they can be in the rotation helping us, but for us it’s finding the best available players that we can develop and grow into a part of this core.”

While there’s plenty more to come, at the end of the day (or into the next day, as the case may be) the Wolves walked away feeling very happy with what they accomplished. It was a great night to begin the Rosas era of Timberwolves basketball. 

“Our staff deserves a ton of credit. We were fully prepared for today. We knew what was in hand, we knew what the opportunities were, and we knew what we could execute,” Rosas said. “Tonight was a special night for us, our staff did a great job.” 

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