Friday's Draft Workout: Session 2

by Mark Remme
Web Editor

Darius Johnson-Odom

Height: 6-2
Weight: 215
Position: Shooting Guard
Class: Senior
College/Team: Marquette

2011-12 Stats:
PPG: 18.3 RPG: 3.5 APG: 2.7

Johnson-Odom’s Reaction:

On playing in front of the executives

It's just a great opportunity. You've just gotta come in and be yourself. You don't wanna be nothing else that you haven't been in the past four years or three years of college. And I think that's the most key thing for me. You know, I don't wanna show them nothing that I haven't been doing. I wanna show them the same skill set that I've always had. They get to see you up close and see your personality on the court, see how you interact with guys, and see if you're a good team member.

On going through the process with Marquette teammate Jae Crowder

Man, to see Jae, I just felt like I was back on the road again and he was my roommate. So, it's a little different, there's individual workouts, it's not the same, you don't have your teammates next door. Always [good] to see Jae Crowder, you know. It's just a blessing, just to have me and him together. It's something different, so I'm excited for him, and I'm sure he's excited for me.

On potentially playing with the Timberwolves

I'd be very excited, but I would know my role. I know I'm not going to be one of those guys coming in with 27 minutes. Whatever I have to do to help the team, come in, play hard defense for 3 minutes, get somebody to break. That's what I'm willing to do. And I think that's where my mind is at, my mental state. You know, I just want to give it everything I've got on the court, and I think whatever team that picks me, I'm just going to give it the best I can.

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Kyle O’Quinn

Height: 6-10
Weight: 240
Position: Power Forward
Class: Senior
College/Team: Norfolk State

2011-12 Stats:
PPG: 15.9 RPG: 10.3 APG: 1.4

O’Quinn’s Reaction:
On playing in front of the executives and others

It's a privilege. It's a wonderful opportunity. A lot of guys can't play in front of those kind of guys. I mean, you've got to get comfortable out there. If you don't, you'll go crazy. If you miss a shot, you feel like everything's being watched.

On Norfolk's win over Missouri

It opened up some eyes. It showed that not only can myself do it, but as a team we did it. We put Norfolk State on the map getting that win; that win was big. Being here working out in front of y'all, I don't know if it would've happened if we didn't win that game. So thank God we won that game so I can be here sitting talking to you.

On the workout

Yeah, it feels like practice. I mean, you get out there with some guys that you've seen before, I mean, we're all growing to like each other a lot. We see each other every time we get on the plane. You go out there with some of them guys you met and played against some of them guys and you get comfortable. It feels like practice, you're playing basketball. There's just some real important people on the side, but at the end of the day, you're playing basketball.

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Marcus Denmon

Height: 6-3
Weight: 185
Position: Shooting Guard
Class: Senior
College/Team: Missouri

2011-12 Stats:
PPG: 17.7 RPG: 5.0 APG: 2.1

Denmon’s Reaction:
Kim English said it’s so important to have a teammate with you. How important is it with these workouts?

It’s important. Kim’s like my brother. We’ve been together for four years, and to see Kim’s hard work and myself pay off. Just continuing to work hard and get better every day. It’s good to have someone that’s doing it along with you.

You’re playing along with Kyle O’Quinn from Norfolk State. Does that bring back any bad memories?

No, not at all. It’s a new beginnings. I’m just working hard, trying to work toward the future. That’s the past. It will always bit salty a little bit, but it’s good to get out there and compete.

What do you want these executives to see?

You just want to go out and show that you’re out here competing. And for myself, I want to try to impress, show them I’m one of the hardest working guys in these workouts and I want to leave it on the floor every night.

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