Hero In The Making: Cam Tipping

For most, a trip to the dentist’s office is a chore—something done once, maybe twice a year. But for 14-year-old Cam Tipping, from Minneapolis, a visit to the dentist’s office pales in comparison to the numerous visits he makes to the Children’s Hospital & Clinics each month.
Cam was diagnosed with a rare gene defect that causes his body to overproduce and under eliminate cholesterol. He spends every other Thursday at Children's Hospital & Clinics undergoing a procedure known as "LDL Apheresis" which takes the LDL Cholesterol out of his blood. Cam has been doing this procedure for the past four years.
Such a procedure can be exhausting for anyone, especially a young boy, but Cam never complains. He maintains a positive attitude and is always thinking of others who have it worse than him.
As part of WolvesCare Month presented by C.H. Robinson Worldwide, the FastBreak Foundation is focusing its attention on the Timberwolves’ toughest fans this month—children with life-threatening or long-term illnesses. Cam was honored as Monday's "Hero in the Making."
When Cam first heard he was selected as a Hero, he was thrilled.
“I was pretty pumped,” Cam said. “Its’ a really cool opportunity to go out there on the court and have a suite, it’s awesome.”
Timberwolves President Chris Wright and C.H. Robinson Worldwide representative Joshua Janovitz presented Cam with a jersey and an autographed team ball during the first time out of the third quarter Monday night.
“It was a lot of fun,” Cam said. “I was a little nervous. But I heard everyone cheering for me and that helped.”
Cam spent the night in one of the Wolves suite with family members and friends. And while Minnesota did not get the win against the Houston Rockets, it was clear Cam enjoyed the night.
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