Wolves: The Art of the Free Throw: Troy Hudson

Troy Hudson, Minnesota Timberwolves

The Shot:


The Free Throw:
Timberwolves guard Troy Hudson values free throws, because as a scorer, “those are free points, no one is guarding you!” For his career Hudson is an 85% free throw shooter, including shooting 90% in the 2002-03 season.

The Ritual:
When at the line, Hudson likes to keep things simple, usually taking a few dribbles and a deep breath. While doing that he bends his knees to prepare himself for the proper follow through. "I spent a lot of time as a kid shooting free throws,” said Hudson. The best time for Hudson to practice free throws is in between drills. “I try to practice them while I’m tired,” which is more similar to game conditions. That push to practice free throws while tired has led to Hudson successful career at the free throw line.

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