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The Best Jerseys Ever Consensus Survey Thing

by Kyle Ratke, Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager


We decided to put our nostalgia hat on at and take a look back at some of our favorite basketball jerseys of all time. I surveyed the Timberwolves office because it's a good way to trick them into writing a story for me. Thanks, guys!

We eliminated KG's first jersey with the Wolves because everyone in the office picked it. We are about variety here. 

Spoiler alert: No sleeved jerseys made the list. LeBron was happy.

Baylor University Highlighter Unis

They are obnoxiously bright. So bright that when they had the lights out at the Ferrell Center, the arena still looked lit up. Plus, the fact of seeing little Pierre Jackson doing his best Nate Robinson impersonation and jumping out of the gym each game made it a novelty unlike anything else in college hoops (besides the fact that the color is basically copied from Oregon…). Nothing better than watching my Baylor Bears literally light up the NCAA tournament year in and year out with the highlighter jerseys! - Wil Walters, Account Executive, Group Events

Vince Carter Purple Raptors Jersey

Growing up and watching Vince Carter with his highlight dunks in those jerseys was sweet. I’m also a big Jurassic Park fan so that may play into it a little bit.Alex Gustafson, Senior Account Executive, Group Events

By no means were the Raptors good but their jerseys were swaggy. The giant raptor dribbling the basketball with vertical pinstripes had every kid wanting to look like Vince Carter and T-Mac. I actually wore the Vince Carter jersey to my Jr. High All-Star Party. - Jared Hughes, Copywriter

Marquette Golden Eagles Baby Blue 2007-2011

Since I grew up near Milwaukee, I remember seeing these frequently either live or on TV. The color scheme of these jerseys is unmatched. The baby blue clashing with the gold really tied them together. It also doesn’t hurt that this was the era of Jimmy G. Buckets.Dan Chapman, Account Executive, Membership Service

Larry Bird 1990 All-Star Jersey

1. 'Merica
2. Larry Bird
3. Enough said

Kate Johnson, Manager Of Group Events

Dark Blue Pacers Reggie Miller Jersey With Yellow Pinstripes

Not only does the jersey look awesome, but for many basketball fans, the jersey also brings back many memories of one of the best shooters the game has ever seen. I always enjoyed watching Miller in that No. 31 Pacers uniform, mainly because the dude could take over a game at any moment. I was also jealous because I can hardly make a layup. - Mitchell Hansen, Web Editorial Associate

Orlando Magic Black Penny Hardaway Jersey With With Pinstripes

Do I remember watching Hardaway play? Not really. But I do remember the Lil' Penny commercials which probably ranks as the coolest athlete commercial in the world next to all of Stephen Curry’s commercials because they are so boring that it has to be intentional. And that’s funny. Humblebrag: I once saw Hardaway during All-Star Weekend and stood there awkwardly in the corner because I'm an awkward person. - Kyle Ratke, Web Editor

Mid-'90s Chicago Bulls Red MJ Jersey

I was a Chicago Bulls fan growing up, so my favorite jersey was my Michael Jordan jersey. Some kids had security blankets. I had my MJ jersey. - Jena Magee, Email Marketing Specialist

Tasmanian Devil Space Jam Jersey

First of all, It’s the jersey of the greatest Looney Tunes character ever and that is not up for debate. It is also from quite possibly the greatest sports film ever made. I wore that jersey to sleep, to play with my friends, and for school pictures (I will get the proof of that from my mom).  - Joey Johnson, Friend Of Kyle's Who Really Wanted To Be On This Post

Fear The Deer Glenn Robinson Bucks Jersey

If you’re a millennial Bucks fan, there is maybe only one Bucks player who was cooler than Glenn “The Big Dog” Robinson. But was there a cooler jersey? We’ll never know. Some may say these unis were gaudy. Maybe it’s the deer on the jersey, or the ‘fade’ in the wordmark, but either way, these are one of my favorites. - Sam Flood, Senior Web Developer

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