PHILADELPHIA, PA - MARCH 26: Wilson Chandler #21 of the Denver Nuggets looks to inbound the ball against the Philadelphia 76ers on March 26, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Willing to Embrace Any Role, Chandler Wants to Pursue Championship

by Brian Seltzer Reporter

It was more about the end goal than the role Tuesday when Wilson Chandler looked ahead to his tenure with the 76ers.

In an introductory conference call with reporters, the recently acquired swingman expressed excitement about how he thinks he’ll fit with his new club, and help it towards the pursuit of a championship.

“Me personally, I don't worry about coming off the bench or starting - I have had both of them in my career,” said Chandler, who’s appeared in 590 games in 10 NBA seasons. “I have come off the bench before and I've started before. I'm not opposed to that at all. I just want to win. I'm just blessed to be back with a playoff team and looking forward to pushing it as far as we can.”

The Sixers landed Chandler in a July 6th deal with the Denver Nuggets. In addition to the multifacted DePaul product, the Sixers also received a 2021 second-round pick, and the right to swap second-round picks with Denver in 2022.

While in a Nuggets uniform last season, Chandler went up against the Sixers twice, with the Sixers winning both times. The 31-year old was impressed with what he saw collectively, and individually.

“They had a great season,” Chandler said.

He cited Robert Covington, Joel Embiid, JJ Redick, Dario Saric, and Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons as players on the Sixers’ roster who he’s a fan of.

“I think I fit in multiple ways...just playing off other people,” said Chandler. “I can play with other fours, I can with Ben, I can play with Covington. Alongside them they have Joel. I think I do a good job complementing those players.”

Since breaking into the league with the New York Knicks as the 23rd selection of the 2007 draft, Chandler has averaged 13.5 points and 5.4 rebounds per game. He’s proven, capable on the perimeter, too, with five seasons of 100-plus triples.

“When you look at the DNA of the modern day player, he is that, where you can guard multiple positions, make a 3-point shot,” Brett Brown said during a media availability Monday in Las Vegas. “The versatility in his game is extremely impressive.”

The lasting impression Chandler wants to leave, however, is to get the Sixers to where they ultimately want to go.

“In my opinion, I think this team is built to make a run at the title, go to The Finals,” he said during Tuesday’s call. “My expectations, I think, are [the same as] everybody's. Should be. I think it is over there in the locker room, and the front office.”

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