Rozman, Front Office Prepared for Days Ahead

by Lauren Rosen

With an action-packed, high-stakes stretch of the offseason ahead, the 76ers front office is prepared.

And while it's unconventional to say the least for the NBA Draft to be sandwiched in between the start of trading and free agency, the Sixers' brass has been ready for the moment since back in June.

“It’s been a pretty unique opportunity - you get a layer deeper on players. That time never really permitted before," Sixers Vice President of Scouting Vince Rozman said Monday.

Adhering to COVID-19 protocols has meant much more video scouting for the front office. The philosophy, however, hasn't changed.

“The process has been massively different,” Rozman said. “But as far as approach, I’d say it’s been fairly similar.”

That approach will be looking at perspectives with a thorough, critical eye.

With President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey just two weeks into his tenure with the Sixers, Rozman says the new front office is already gelling.

“There’s not a newness. It seems like we’ve been in the room together for years. Daryl’s very eager to learn, and to utilize his staff to form his own opinion. The rapport has been awesome. It’s been a fun experience.”

And though Morey's draft preparations began in Houston, Rozman says in the early days, he and Morey have been seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to prospects. 

“It’s been great, honestly. We felt really, really prepared. [Daryl and I] tend to think similarly on players, so that’s helpful."

76ers Vice President of Scouting Vince Rozman Joins The BroadCast to preview the 2020 NBA Draft!

Rozman explained that just like his previous 14 seasons with the Sixers, the goal is to leave no stone unturned, no opinion unchallenged, despite the logistical changes.

And there have, of course, been notable logistical changes due to precautions surrounding the pandemic.

In years past, multiple prospects visited the 76ers Training Complex almost daily, competing amongst one another, ahead of the draft.

Traditionally, pre-draft interviews take place in person. This batch of prospects has interviewed virtually.

Wednesday’s draft, needless to say, will look different too.

“For as many challenges as this process presented, I think it also presented a lot of unique opportunities,” Rozman said, already looking ahead.

“It’s been quite the process,” Rozman said. “I think we’re ready.”

Check back into for more updates as the 2020 NBA Draft approaches.


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