Reflections From the Road | Binge Watching is Coming

by Brian Seltzer Reporter

Over the course of the 76ers’ four-game, nine-day Western Conference road trip, we’ll be compiling a collection of short stories involving members of the team, and its traveling party.

Be sure to check back regularly for updates to our ‘Reflections From the Road’ series.

• Part I: Hard to Leave Home

• Part II: The Altitude, It's Real


The final season is coming.

And while Wilson Chandler may be a little late to get on board, you better believe he plans to be ready.

Since premiering on HBO nearly eight years ago, Game of Thrones has gone on to become one of the most popular and decorated series in television history. The show is set to return in April for one last six-episode run.

For Chandler, the long road trip presented the perfect opportunity to make up for lost time.

“I tried to watch the show two times before a couple years ago, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t get into it. It was super slow, but this time, I dug the first two episodes, and now I’m hooked.”

When the Sixers were in Denver, he described GOT as an addiction. He can’t stop watching.

“I left shootaround today, went straight to my room, and just binged it. It’s amazing. It’s probably one of the best show I’ve seen.”

Four days into his binge, Chandler had already knocked out 13 episodes.

Favorite character? Daenerys Targaryen, who’s pictured above.

Best plot twist?

“I was kind of hurting when they took Ned Stark’s head. I wanted him to get through it, but I think it’ll be good for the show. I was hurt by that, so I hate the Lannisters - hate ‘em!”

Does Chandler think he’ll be able to pay his Game of Thrones watching debts by the spring?

“For sure. All-Star break’s coming up. By the time we come back, man, I’ll probably be caught up already.”


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