Preseason Profiles | Zhaire Smith

by Lauren Rosen

Zhaire Smith’s sophomore season sizzles with opportunity.

If 2019 Summer League was any indication, Smith, who overcame considerable adversity during his rookie season, could be on the verge of making an impact.

What to Watch For

Looked to as a leader by his Summer League teammates, Smith shone in Las Vegas, playing with confidence and comfort.

Throughout the tournament, Smith averaged 12.4 points, 3.0 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.4 steals, and what felt like at least one gravity-defying play per game.

Fellow 2018 draftee Shake Milton reflected on Smith’s journey at Summer League in July. 

“That’s my guy, I’m super proud of him. He comes in and he works really hard. He’s a competitor,” Milton said.

As much as Smith impressed on the court at Summer League, he became a quick leader off it. 

“I love playing with Z. He brings crazy energy on each end of the court,” rookie Matisse Thybulle said. “He’s relentless on defense, and he’s fun to watch in transition.”

Thybulle credited Smith as someone he learned from in his first days as a Sixer, particularly on the defensive end -- where both Smith and Thybulle have a chance to add depth.

Upon the conclusion of his rookie season, Smith said his goals for 2019-20 were simple:

“Winning a championship, developing as a player, and become the best me.”

Off the Court

Smith is another among the team’s up-and-coming fashion icons. Look for more Puma threads and creative stylings from Smith as the season begins.

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