Pre-Draft Workout Recap | 6.11.19

by Lauren Rosen

The 76ers hosted their ninth pre-draft workout at the Training Complex Tuesday, as six prospects from around the world visited Camden.

Here’s some of what they had to say:

Ignas Brazdeikis


The pre-draft circuit presents a demanding schedule, as prospects travel from city to city, but for Ignas Brazdeikis, the grind is exactly what he wants.

“I love it. It’s literally just basketball and travel. It doesn’t get much better than this.”

Brazdeikis says that he's been focused on demonstrating his versatility for each team he visits.

“I definitely think I’m showing teams a lot of my perimeter skills, and what I can do out on the perimeter. I’m showing I can defend multiple positions, I could score at all three levels - attack, pass, shoot. Really just showing my overall game, my competitiveness, my toughness, and just giving it my all out there.”

The 6-foot-7 Brazdeikis says Joel Embiid has been particularly inspiring to his game, especially in respect to intangibles:

“I love it. I see some of the things that he does, and I see it in my game a little bit with the kind of mental warfare that he applies onto the other teams. Definitely had some fun doing that this year in college basketball, so to play with a guy like that, it would just be so much fun, and I feel like we’d get along great.”

Jarrell Brantley

College of Charleston

Jarrell Brantley played a key role in his four years at College of Charleston. As he transitions out of college ball, he said his love for the game continues to drive him forward: 

“[I’m] versatile, passing it. I love to smile and enjoy myself on the court, but at the same time try to be gritty, make plays for my teammates, and just enjoy the game. It gets tough sometimes, but for the most part, it’s just who I am. I think I can be locked in now, and still enjoy what I love to do - all in one.”

Caleb Martin


Caleb Martin visited the Sixers after two seasons at North Carolina State, then two more at Nevada. He said he and his twin brother Cody, who is also in this year’s draft class, are purposely working out separately to prove to teams that they can excel individually after playing together for their entire lives:

“It’s definitely cool. I’m excited to see where we both end up. Obviously, we’re both each other’s number one fan, and rooting for each other, and hoping nothing but the best. We check up on each other every day, and see how workouts went. It’s pretty cool.”

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Jeremiah Martin


Four-year University of Memphis standtout Jeremiah Martin said playing for the Tigers prepared him well for the next level. Martin said his experience learning from NBA great and Memphis head coach Penny Hardaway greatly influenced his game:

“It was great. He’s from Memphis, I’m from Memphis. We just always talked about the game - him being a point guard, so it was good. I was able to soak up a lot of his knowledge. [He’s] a players coach. He’s hard on you because he loves the game too, because he played it. But at the same time, off the court, he’s a cool guy, he looks out for us making sure everything’s good, talks to us about everything, just a great guy to be around."

Jaylen Nowell


Jaylen Nowell joins the draft pool by way of Washington. He was born in Seattle and played two seasons for the Huskies. After playing zone defense frequently at Washington, Nowell said he wants to showcase himself as a versatile defender:

“I just want to prove I can guard somebody one-on-one, man-to-man. I felt like I did a pretty good job of that, and I’m continuing to do that. I feel like [my defense is] very solid. I take pride in that a lot, something you don’t see a lot out of offensive players. But I do take a lot of pride in my defense.”

Marcel Ponitka

Arka Gdynia (Poland)

Marcel Ponitka, who spent some of his high school career at Montverde Academy alongside Ben Simmons, said that playing overseas has prepared him well for the challenges ahead as he aims to take his game to the next level:

“It was a great experience for me to play on a high level. It was very competitive, physical, and I think I gained some experience. I am very competitive, I’m really tough when I’m playing on both ends. I can shoot the ball, I can play with energy. I make my teammates better. To be honest, I can do whatever a team needs me to do.”

Pre-draft workouts continue Thursday at the Complex.



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