Posted Up! | Raul Neto

by Lauren Rosen

Raul Neto is itching to get back out there with his teammates. 

Biking and jogging to stay in shape, Neto says nothing quite compares to hustle of live game play.

Here’s some of what he’s been up to since the hiatus began...

Maintaining his strength in quarantine has been a mind and body venture:

“I try to get at least two to three hours of things that are going to work my mind or my body. I have a bike here that I’ve been doing almost every day just to try to stay in shape. I’m reading a lot, I’m trying to keep my mind busy. And then, of course, Netflix, Amazon, trying to find new shows to watch, and spend some time just resting. It’s been ok.”

Splitting most of his quarantine between Philadelphia and Utah, Neto talks to his family in Brazil almost every day. He also hears from a group of his teammates pretty frequently:

“Me, Matisse, Tobias, and K.O. (Kyle O’Quinn), because we went to dinner a couple times on the road, we got to talk to each other more. Everybody has their personality, I think everybody understands each other’s personality, and in a good way, we make fun of it. Matisse, with all his TikToks… Tobias is reading 100 books… I’ve seen K.O. changing diapers. Everybody is enjoying those little things that we didn’t have time for during the season. And sharing with each other, I think it’s something cool. Sharing those moments, that’s how it keeps us together.”

Neto is also a group chat appreciator:

"The group chat is always fun. Everybody misses each other, so it’s the way we can stay in touch, and keep up the funny jokes - K.O. saying something that makes everybody laugh, Mike [Scott] saying something that makes everybody laugh." 

As far as basketball goes, Neto can’t wait to return. Asked what he misses most about the game, he was quick to answer:

“I think just the competitive side of it. Being in the gym, trying to work on your game, either by yourself or at practice when you compete with your teammates. Going to the arena, seeing our fans, seeing our teammates. I think competing at games - that’s what I miss the most. I can go run outside, and I’m still going to sweat, I’m still going to get my exercise done. But the competing, and seeing my teammates playing well, and cheering for them, and seeing them cheering for me too, I think that’s what I miss the most from basketball.”

He also discussed the close-knit nature of this 76er team, admiring the way his teammates have stuck together through thick and thin:

“We stay [close] no matter what. There’s a lot of pressure from fans, from media, even from inside the team - because we know how good we are. I think just the way we stick together in the tough moments, everyone helping each other. We have superstars on the team, but they are always worried about how the guys that don’t play that many minutes are... The way we stick together is something special."

5 things Raul can’t live without in quarantine:

  • FaceTime

  • Fitness equipment

  • Books

  • Amazon

  • TV shows

When it comes to TV shows, he’s taking recommendations:

“I’m watching Suits. We’ve got two seasons to go. I finished Tiger King, which was crazy. I’m trying to find a new one, because I’ll be done with Suits next week.”

As for his work as an at-home chef, Neto’s confidence is building:

“My girlfriend gets mad at me every time, because I change all the recipes. I try to put my spice, my flavor, on the food, so I change the recipes all the time. Sometimes it comes out pretty well, sometimes not that well. I like to be diverse in the kitchen, and try to do different things.”

Neto signed off with a message to his fans:

“I think my message would be to stay positive. Stay close to your loved ones. It’s a tough moment for everybody, and I think when everything is over, and everybody gets back to their real lives, I think everybody is going to appreciate everything more. Stay together right now. As much as everybody wants to see basketball back on TV, I think what’s going on is bigger than that.”

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