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by Lauren Rosen

Quarantining at home in Atlanta, Mike Scott has had time to bond with his kids and reflect on his year.

From dad duty at home, to lending his teammates a helping hand, Scott continues to be a source of wisdom (and jokes).

Here’s some of what he’s been up to…

Scott has spent the bulk of his quarantine with the two youngest Scotts - his kids Jeremiah, 4, and Nori, 2. Reflecting on what it’s like to raise kids, Scott explained what his kids have taught him in return:

“Patience. You’ve got to be patient. I don’t have a lot of patience, but I definitely learned patience with kids. You have to figure it out yourself, and grow with your kids… My son, he does a lot of stuff I did growing up. For me, that’s probably the best part - you get to see them grow.”

As for his professional life, the 76ers, and Scott in particular, seemed to be gaining momentum when the NBA went on hiatus. 

“I felt like I was getting into a groove, man. My number was called. I wasn’t shooting like I wanted to, and that West Coast trip… I was going into the right direction. I had been doing my regular routine, I was continuing to get my work. Off days, optional shooting, still shooting, coming back and shooting at night - they start dropping. Can’t feel sorry for yourself, gotta keep hooping.”

The second-year Sixer and NBA veteran has developed a special relationship with rookie Matisse Thybulle, who Scott says has major potential:

“Matisse is great, man. He’s young, he’s funny. His dry humor - that’s what I really love about him. He’s great, he has talent. The great thing about him: he’s smart, he wants to learn. He asks a whole lot of questions. He’s always trying to figure it out, and if he doesn’t know, he’s definitely going to ask. I told him: ‘See what Tobias is doing? Follow Tobias.’ That’s going to be a good person for him to shadow.”

It’s safe to say Scott misses his day job:

“[I miss] everything. The fans, being around my teammates, traveling, going on the road. Playing in Wells Fargo. It’s tough, man.”

Earlier in the hiatus, Mike also surprised one special Sixers fan, Alex Trindle, who finished chemotherapy treatment during the quarantine.

Here are some fun facts about Mike:

  • Mike’s favorite color is black.

  • He’s a morning person - typically waking up at 5:45 or 6:00 a.m - and tries to go to bed around 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. “I like waking up early. You get your time to yourself.”

  • He likes his coffee sweet.

  • He likes carrots.

  • His favorite non-basketball sport is soccer.

  • He wears a size 16 shoe.

5 things Mike can’t live without in quarantine:

  • Family

  • PlayStation

  • WiFi

  • Food

  • Workout equipment

As for a potential return to play, Scott says he looks forward to the possibilities ahead, and shares some high aspirations with his teammates:

“[I want to] try to make a run at this thing. If [the return] does succeed, and they do put something together, I feel like we can take advantage of this time, and do something special.”

Check back into to post up with more of the 76ers as the hiatus continues.

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