Playoff Voices | "We're Going in Thinking We're Going to Win"

Jimmy Butler delivered a strong performance in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, bursting for a career playoff-high 36 points, while also providing a solid rebounding and defensive presence.

Looking ahead to Monday’s Game 2, the four-time All-Star made some honest assessments about the 76ers’ post-season opener, and expressed optimism that the team will be able to get back on track.  

“A loss is a loss, no matter how well or how bad you play. I think the point of the game is to win. We let one slip away at home. As everyone probably said, we’re going to be okay. I think so as well. It’s back to the drawing boards.”

“I don’t think ‘just ok’ is good enough to win in the playoffs. I think you got to be great in all aspects of the game, for damn sure to win a championship. If we do what we’re capable of doing, and if we’re locked in and worried about ourselves, I think we give ourselves a good chance to win. If we focus in too much on what [Brooklyn] brings to the table and what they have, we forget about what we have to do. That’s when you get in trouble.”

“I just think we’ve got to guard better. I think you’ve got to man up and guard one-on-one. I think that’s what it’s going to come down to in this series - the one after that, the one after that, and the one after that. You know, whoever it may be, myself included, you’ve got to man up and you’ve got to stand in front of your man and try to get a stop.”

“[Brooklyn] did a good job of doing what they’re going to do. We missed shots as well. That’s part of the game. I think if we guarded a little bit better, rebounded a little bit better, I think we’re up 1-0. I believe that, but going into [Game 2], we know what we have to do. Make some adjustments, we’ll be ok.”

“We’re fortunate, we get to play basketball everyday. We’re in the playoffs, we’re a 3-seed, we’re happy. It could be a lot worse - we could be down 0-4, but we’re not. We’re not even worried about it. We’re going into this bad baby [Monday] thinking we’re going to win.”


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