Playoff Voices | "Now, We Got to Finish Things Off"

The moment was there to be taken, and Mike Scott made sure to seize it. With time winding down in a hotly contested Game 4, the wing man found himself open in the corner, and, on a sequence that almost resulted in a turnover, the ball found him. He proceeded to knock down the go-ahead 3-pointer that moved the 76ers closer to the second round.

Only in his third month with the team, Scott has fit in well, providing a veteran 3-and-D presence. As for his signature toughness, the intangible is a priceless commodity at this all-important stage of the season.

“Not to sound cocky or anything, but as soon as I caught the ball, I knew it was going in. I had my feet set, Jo made a hell of a hustle play, and soon as I shot it I knew it was going to be good. I can’t lie, I did.”

“There was a lot going on in Game 4. You always want to play physical, you always want to play with that chip, be competitive, be smart. We’re not a dirty organization, and neither are they. Kenny Atkinson is an old assistant of mine in Atlanta - a great guy, great coach. Nets have great players. You know you just want to be competitive, be physical, and if there is any chipiness, we’re not going to back down. But you also have to play smart.”

“To go into Brooklyn and get two wins in a hostile environment on the road, in the playoffs, it felt good - definitely a momentum booster. Our chemistry right now, I feel it’s great. On the defensive end, I feel like our communication has been good. Offensively, everybody’s feeling good and the ball is moving around. I feel like when the ball moves around, we’ll have a game like Game 2 where we put up a lot of points and everyone’s feeling good, so I think our chemistry is great.”

“Now, we just got to finish this thing off. Brooklyn’s a great team, they’re scrappy, they play hard. We got to stay physical, get them off the 3-point line, get them uncomfortable, protect the rim, and make shots. It’s that simple. We can’t be satisfied with the last game, we have to put it behind us. Everyone’s been showing us a lot of love, especially the fans. But it’s not over, it’s still not over. We just got to have that mentality to close em out, play in front of that great home crowd, and end it.”

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