76ers Podcast Network | Curry Talks Trade, Perseverance, Doc Rivers

Check out an interview with the Sixers' new sharpshooter

This offseason, the 76ers knew they needed to add shooting, and Daryl Morey didn't waste any time getting some.

On draft night, the Sixers' recently-hired President of Basketball Operations swung a deal with the Dallas Mavericks to land Seth Curry, the NBA's active leader in 3-point percentage.

In this interview with 76ers Insiders Brian Seltzer and Lauren Rosen, Curry discusses his initial reaction to the trade, his excitement about playing with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, and his relationship with Doc Rivers, his father-in-law who will now also be his coach. 

Listen to the conversation here, and check out some excerpts from the interview below.

Brian Seltzer: How do you feel about the trade and how this all played out?

Seth Curry: "I'm excited, I'm excited. It's another good basketball opportunity for me coming from a place that was a good fit for my game. I feel like this might be an even better fit playing with guys like Ben and Joel and the new coaching staff and front office. Kind of a change of mentality, change in regime, but still centered around those two guys. I'm looking forward to coming in and helping this team whichever way possible."

BS: How long after the trade went down did you hear from Doc?

SC: "He called me right after it officially went down, asked me how I was feeling about it and told me he was excited to have me, how he thought I could fit into the team and what he thought my role would be. It was a quick convo, and it's going to be interesting playing for him. I'm looking forward to it."

Lauren Rosen: Tell us what you've learned from your journey?

SC: "You got to believe in yourself and believe in your skills no matter what setbacks you. I had to earn it every step of the way - high school, college, and the right to get the opportunity to earn it in the NBA. I definitely appreciate my journey, and wouldn't have it any other way. I feel like it prepared me for how my career is going as far as being able to adapt to different circumstances and play my role to the best of my ability. Hopefully it leads me to a long career and a lot of success."

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